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How to Break Free from Old Patterns

Knowingly or unknowingly, we are all trapped in patterns. These patterns hold us back from realizing our true potential. Learning to identify our own patterns is the essential first step for breaking out of the vicious cycle of repetitive painful experiences.

What are patterns?

A pattern is something that occurs repetitively in our life. Examples of patterns include “I seem to attract men who don’t want me,” “I am terrible at learning anything new,” “Every time I get close to my goals, something bad happens.”

How are patterns formed?

Patterns are always formed through a limiting belief. These beliefs might have been inculcated by a previous negative impression that left a powerful emotional impact on your psyche. For instance, if you were once in a relationship where you weren’t treated well, then you might have created a psychic impression that relationships are difficult.

Any idea that arouses strong emotions in us creates a pattern. Therefore, next time, when you went out and dated another man, you most likely had a very similar experience all over again. With repetition, patterns get stronger. The stronger a pattern gets, the harder it becomes to break out of its clutches.

Patterns are also formed through social conditioning. Let’s say, your mother kept repeating to you that men can’t be trusted. This idea became deeply rooted in your subconscious. When you entered your first relationship, you had an experience that reconfirmed this belief. Your belief eventually gave birth to a pattern that repeatedly attracts similar experiences with different people.

How to Break Free of Patterns

You must first understand that at the root of each negative pattern lies a negative belief. Belief is a powerful thing. You can never experience anything outside of your belief system. Now, you might argue that there are things you experienced which were never part of your belief system. Here, you must understand that your most deeply embedded beliefs exist at the subconscious level which means that you are most likely not even consciously aware of them.

Your conscious mind says that you want something but your subconscious has a powerful belief antithetical to that. For instance, in your conscious mind, you think that you want to meet positive people who love and appreciate you. However, in your experience, you are constantly attracting people who are the exact opposite of what you think you want.

Here, you must examine the emotions that come up when you are thinking about meeting new people – analyze exactly what kind of emotions come up organically. There will definitely be an element of fear involved – you might be fearful that people will cheat you or treat you badly.

The thing is that we don’t usually experience what we think of in our conscious mind, we experience what we believe in our subconscious. Emotions are our greatest power. Whatever we think of with strong emotions starts manifesting in our life. If a thought is like a car, then emotions are the fuel that drives it. Therefore, any thought or idea that evokes powerful emotions in us has the power to influence our reality.

  • As a first step, become conscious of your patterns. Every time you find yourself reacting strongly to any situation or person, take a step back and ask yourself where are these powerful emotions coming from. Most likely, the intensity of your reaction won’t be commensurate with the magnitude of the circumstances at hand. The intensity is due to the repetitive nature of that particular experience. Every time the same situation gets repeated, it makes the pattern stronger.
  • Maintain a journal to write down the patterns you are identifying. With time and practice, you’ll become better at recognizing your own patterns. Half the battle is won once you have learned to identify them.
  • In order to bring about permanent change, you must replace the negative core belief that lies underneath the surface of that pattern with a new more positive one. Affirmations are especially powerful for bringing about lasting change at a deep subconscious level. You can create your own affirmations that reaffirm the opposite of your negative belief. For instance, if your core belief is that “all men are jerks,” you can replace it with “I’m surrounded by wonderful men who treat me with respect and affection.” Practice your affirmation for at least 5 minutes as the last thing at night before going to sleep and as the very first thing in the morning. This is absolutely crucial because any idea repeated during these two times of the day brings about powerful changes at the subconscious level. You can also make a recording of your affirmation and keep it playing all night. Even if you think you are fast asleep and not listening to the recording, your subconscious is registering every word.

In time with practice, you can break free of the old patterns and replace them with positive patterns and be on your way to a new you!

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How Psychic Readings Can Help You Reach Your Goals

When it comes to goals, setting them is the easy part. But reaching your goals can be a little more difficult, right? If that’s the case, don’t worry! You’re definitely not alone, and there are many useful ways to make your goals a reality. One great way to support yourself is to have a psychic reading. And while a psychic reading might not be the first thing that comes to mind, it’s actually a very helpful tool. As you’ll learn, it can really support all of your goal-reaching endeavors.

Psychic Readings Can Help You Remove Roadblocks

It always feels exciting when you have a new idea you want to accomplish. And once you have this new goal, you have to figure out all the necessary steps that will turn this new goal into a reality. This is where we usually get hung up. As your daily routine and old thought patterns sink in, those goals often stay right where you left them: in your notebook or vision board. And if that’s where your goals stay, it’s hard to feel satisfied and fulfill, isn’t it?

But all those steps aren’t the real problem. Instead, what’s holding you back is old pain and trauma. And sometimes, you don’t even know that this negativity is still affecting you. During a reading, a psychic can observe your energy or aura, and help you become aware of your past trauma. Unhealed pain can cause you to have limiting and false beliefs about yourself, and that’s like putting up a big block in front of all of your goals and dreams. A psychic can help you see this so you can start to heal and move forward.

Psychics Can Affirm Your Goals

Our negative thought patterns and emotions get in our own way when it comes to reaching our goals. That’s why it’s important for someone to affirm and validate what we hold deep within us. And because a psychic carefully reads your energy, and any other messages that she senses, she can encourage you to stay true to your heart. A psychic reading can really empower you to commit to your goals, and not let self-doubt and self-sabotage hold you back anymore.

Psychic Readings Provide New Advice and Insight That You’ve Missed

In the hustle and bustle of daily living, it’s easy to get stuck in old habits. A psychic, however, is like a new pair of eyes who sees your life with a fresh and positive perspective. She can remind you of all your amazing skills and gifts, and what you’re truly capable of. A psychic reading doesn’t give you a map for your future life. But it will give you the confidence and encouragement you need to step forward into it. When you’re feeling happy and uplifted, it’s much easier to move toward your goals.

As you can see, a psychic reading can be a wonderful tool to help you reach your goals. Maybe you need to heal from old pain and trauma. Or, maybe you need a little validation or just a fresh take on things. Whatever your situation, a psychic can help you feel empowered about your dreams and support you as you make them real.

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Happiness Comes from Within

Happiness Comes from WithinWhat is happiness? Happiness is a feeling, it is a state of mind where we feel pleasure and enjoyment.   Unfortunately, in our culture, the true feeling of happiness is often hard to obtain or is fleeting as we mentally equate happiness with achievement and the fulfillment of life situations and material things.

Regrettably, material things and achievements do not provide lasting happiness; although they may give us some joy, this type of happiness never lasts and dissipates rather quickly as our mind wants new things or starts to focus on the things that we don’t have.

Happiness is a State of Mind

True happiness is a state of mind and is not dependent upon objects or achievements. It turns out that only a small percentage of people’s reports on happiness can be explained by their actual life circumstances.  It appears that the real key to happiness lies within our own thoughts and behaviors.

If you’ve been looking for happiness, which we all are, the good news is that the answer relies on controlling our own thoughts and actions.

Buddha, summed this up best by stating…

” Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are it solely relies on what you think.”

Learning to control our thoughts in order to cultivate happiness is both an easy and a complex thing; as we all know, our thoughts can get the best of us at times, and trying to control them can often backfire.

So, if our thoughts are the key to happiness how do we learn to control them.  Unfortunately, in our Western Culture, we are not taught to believe that we can learn to cultivate and grow love, compassion, and happiness.   In the East, and especially in Buddhism the whole system is based on teaching people how to develop the same joyful state of mind of the original Buddha, and that every person with practice, can become a Buddha themselves.

So how do we cultivate more love and happiness in our life?

According to Buddhism, in order to be happy we need to learn to cultivate mindful awareness and loving compassion; both of which can be built up through meditational awareness.

The key to mindfulness relies on learning to live fully in the present moment.   This moment is all we really have and it is at the moment that the spring of joy emanates, if you will only let it. We normally habitually bounce from one thought to the next, with each thought usually taking us out of the moment and into worry, stress or thinking about something that has no reference to the here and now.

Remember, Happiness is a state of mind, and the more we learn to accept life and ourselves as we are at the moment, the happier we will be.  This does not mean to stop striving to become better, it only means to learn to accept and love yourself, this moment and your current surroundings the best you can.

Cultivating The Art of Loving Presence

Living in the moment with Love and compassion towards yourself and others is the secret to a happy and joyful life. As Westerners we tend to be judgmental towards ourselves and others and as a result are not as happy as we could be. Non-judgment, empathy, and compassion are aspects that we can grow and learn to develop more and more in our lives.

The key is to be mindful of our own thoughts and to catch ourselves when we are being non-loving and judgmental towards ourselves and others. When you catch your mind being judgmental and non-loving in the moment, then replace the thought with a new and more loving thought and after a while, you will start to retrain your mind to be more loving and joyful.  If you are being judgmental toward another person, then take a deep breath and look for a good quality in this other person, or reflect back on yourself and ask what do I have to be grateful for in this moment. Try to view other people from the loving eyes of a  nonjudgmental grandmother and seek out and dwell upon their good qualities.

Below are some quotes from a few wise people that seem to understand what happiness is all about.

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.” –Thich Nhat Hanh

“Compassion automatically brings happiness and calmness.” –The Dalai Lama

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” — Abraham Lincoln

“Happiness blooms naturally in the hearts of those who are inwardly free… It flows spontaneously, like a mountain spring after April showers, in minds that are contented with simple living.” – Paramhansa Yogananda

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”  — Mahatma Gandhi

“Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely upon what you think.”  — Dale Carnegie

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it… As soon as you honor the present moment, all unhappiness and struggle dissolve and life begins to flow with joy and ease.”  — Eckhart Tolle

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Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels: Is there a Difference?

Spirit Guides or Angels- Is there a Difference-We share the world with many energetic beings. There are angels, guardian angels, archangels, spirit guides and spirits, just to name a few. And even though these names are often used interchangeably, there are actually specific differences between all of them. So, let’s get to know spirit guides and angels, what makes them different, and how we can connect with them better!

Spirit Guides and Angels are Light Spirits

Both Spirit Guides and Angels are what we call “Light Spirits”, they exist completely and fully in Divine light. Because of this, they are loving, compassionate and only want the best for you. They’re always ready to assist you and help you navigate your life here on earth. However, it’s up to you to reach out to them and let them know you’d like their help.

What Are Spirit Guides?

Their very name, “Spirit Guide” already is a lovely indicator of who and what these energetic beings are.  They are the spirits or souls, of those who’ve once lived on earth as men or women, just like you and I. They might even be a relative who’s passed on. Therefore, they understand what life is like, complete with all of its joy, pain, and countless experiences. Now that they live in Divine light and love, they are like life experts and perfectly adept at guiding you in life.

Some teach that before you became incarnate, you actually chose your spirit guides. Others suggest that they are assigned to you. Either way, your spirit guides are matched to you specifically, based on what your earthly path looks like and the challenges that await you here. They may come and go depending on your life situation, but if you call on them, they’ll be there for you!

Who are Guardian Angels?

Their name also implies who and what they are. Guardian angels are spirits who have a specific task of guarding and watching over you. But there’s so much more to them than that! The biggest difference between guardian angels and spirit guides is that guardian angels have never lived as human beings. Instead, they only and always live as spirits. Therefore, they exist on a much higher energetic level than spirit guides.

These energetic beings are assigned to you at birth, and many teachers believe that you have at least two guardian angels. While spirit guides assist you as experts, guardian angels can take on a more protective role, and surround you with Divine love and light. They can assist you when trouble arises and can make you feel better if you’re going through a difficult time. Not only do these angels protect and comfort you, but they’ll gladly look after anyone you ask them to.

How to Interact with Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

It might seem intimidating to approach your angels and guides, but you don’t have to be a psychic or clairvoyant to do so. In fact, the single, most important thing you need is the intention to contact them. Even though they’re ready to help you, they’ll only intervene when you ask them to. Of course, they’ll nudge you and guide you as best they can, but ultimately, they want your directives!

And remember, you don’t have to pray or use elaborate words. You can simply speak to them sincerely and honestly. It’s true, they do live in a realm that many of us are unfamiliar with, but don’t be afraid to engage with them. They can only help you!

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What is Our Third Eye (or Pineal Gland)?

What is Our Third Eye(or Pineal Gland)-When the subject of the third eye comes up, you may think it’s just the chakra that sits at eye level, but there is a bit more to it. The third eye actually refers to the pineal gland, a pea-sized, endocrine gland located in the middle of the brain, right behind the eyes. The pineal gland gets its name from the fact that it resembles a pinecone.

The history of the pineal gland

Many societies over the ages revered the pineal gland for its link to the spiritual world.  The Romans used the pinecone as a symbol of the pineal gland, and you can still see this symbolism in many of their statues and other artworks throughout ancient Rome and the Vatican. The Egyptians also knew about the importance of the pineal gland. You can see this in the frequency of the eye in their symbolism.

What does the pineal gland do?

The pineal gland produces the hormone melatonin, which is important in regulating your sleeping patterns and seasonal circadian rhythms. These functions help determine your body’s stress levels, physical performance, and hormone levels.

The third eye is known as the link between the spiritual and physical worlds. It is a great source of ethereal energy, which is important in matters of the supernatural. It also affects the body’s biorhythms related to hunger, desire, thirst, and even the aging process.

Fluoride and the pineal gland

Sodium fluoride is a chemical by-product in the production of chemical fertilizer components. It is added to 90% of the drinking water in the U.S. and most toothpastes for the purposes of maintaining dental health, as it helps the formation of tooth enamel. In large doses, it can cause heart problems, corrosion of sensory organs, and calcification. Fluoride is highly attracted to the pineal gland in particular. The buildup of fluoride in the pineal gland can lead to phosphate crystal formation, which will harden and calcify the third eye, making it less receptive to spiritual stimuli. Reducing fluoride intake should be the first step in healing the third eye.

There are several studies that have been done regarding the pineal gland and ways to help detoxify it.  The National Research Council of the National Academies of Science has published a lengthy review on fluoride in drinking water.  They have identified some health effects that may be linked with fluoride exposure including possible disruption of the endocrine system and decreased melatonin production.

As you can see the pineal gland is an important part of our health and in opening our third eye so remember there are a lot of things that can affect this important tiny gland.

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For a Happier Life, Make Yourself a Priority

For a Happier Life, Make Yourself a PriorityI truly believe that self-love is the most important love of all. Does that sound selfish? It really isn’t because a person who has ample self-love is secure enough to not depend on others for all the wrong reasons.

Self-love is liberating as it enables us to not enter the most important relationships in our life with the mindset of getting something out of them. As vicious patterns of neediness break, we learn to celebrate our partnerships and relationships as the holy grounds for unconditional love that they truly are.

If you have always been too busy taking care of others, it’s time to stop and reconsider your priorities. No matter what anyone else says, self-love is not selfishness. Making time to take care of your body, mind and soul is a holy ritual you adopt to honor the Divine within.

If self-care isn’t part of your daily routine yet, then start by taking out a few minutes each day only for yourself. In this time, do something you have always wanted to do but felt you don’t have enough time for. It could be something simple like learning a new skill, adopting a hobby, or maybe, even just digitally disconnecting yourself and relaxing.

Why is Self-love important?

As humans, our greatest hankering is after love. Each one of us craves for a love so deep and true that it can hold us in its arms forever. However, for most of us, finding such a love through another human being has been nothing more than an endeavor in disappointment. In fact, even those who believe that they have found total fulfillment in their relationships, go through moments of deep disappointment.

Although it’s only natural to turn outwards for love, true satisfaction can be found only by turning inwards. What lies within is the Truth; everything outside is only a mirror reflection of what’s contained within. If you want others to love you, you have to love yourself first. People will always take cues from how you treat yourself, and they, in turn, will treat you similarly.

Also, self-love is not selfish at all because how can you ever give to another what you don’t have for yourself? If you’ll enter a relationship feeling like there’s a gaping hole which another person will fill in for you, then you are really just setting yourself up for disappointment.

No one can ever fulfill you. Love is the essence of our being – the fountain of infinite unconditional love is within. When we are connected with the Universe or Source, we are able to gain our sustenance from within. The Divine nectar of infinite love is already flowing in our hearts – it’s our ignorance which has made us believe otherwise.

Self-Care Rituals

Below are a few suggestions for self-care that you can incorporate into your daily life. Loving yourself, first and foremost, is about celebrating who you are. Take your pick and adopt the rituals that appeal to you – feel free to modify them to suit your needs:

  1. Make time for your meals – Before you work on devoting a certain amount of time to self-care, it’s important to infuse mindfulness in the things that you are already doing. Eating is one of the greatest acts of self-care as that’s how you nourish your body, mind, and soul. Make it a daily ritual to eat all your meals in peace. Set your phone and other electronic gadgets aside – sit down with peace and happy anticipation in your heart to truly relish each meal. Discard the habit of eating while walking or doing anything else and develop the habit of chewing each bite of food with the kind of total mindfulness it deserves. As you eat, imagine how each morsel is making you healthier, happier and more beautiful.
  2. Relax in the bath – There is nothing anywhere as decadent as a warm bath with essential oils, aromatic candles and soft music in the background. It is one of those little pleasures in life that can account for great joy if one chooses to make time for it. I would suggest making this a daily bedtime or waking up ritual. Each bath session will help you feel more grounded and truly soaked in unconditional love. You can also add some organic homemade scrubs and packs to better take care of your lovely skin. There is something deeply self-assuring about touching your own self with gentleness, kindness, and care. Give this gift to yourself because you truly deserve it!
  3. Develop the habit of readingReading positive books can be tremendously empowering and deeply healing. Choose your books with care – anything that leaves you feeling angry or unhappy is not the right choice. There is already a lot of pain and suffering in this world – the whole point of self-care is to surround yourself with so much love and positivity that the darkness of this world can’t touch you. Thanks to technology, you can now also listen to audio books while doing your daily chores. Make this investment in your mind and soul by feeding it only with positive thoughts.
  4. Connect with nature – Take a walk in your local park or somewhere in nature. Simply being surrounded by nature has a deeply soothing effect on us. If you are up for it, then you can also consider taking a walk barefoot in the grass. With every breath that you are taking in, visualize as if you are absorbing the life force energy of nature. Upon every exhalation, visualize releasing all your tensions, stresses and worries.
  5. Build your meditation practice – Building a daily meditation practice is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Meditation calms the mind – it brings us back in touch with our truth. Find a practice that appeals to you and which you can do twice every day. While you can meditate at any time of the day, the best time for doing it is right after you wake up and right before you retire to bed because that’s when the doors of your subconscious are left wide open. At that point, whatever goes inside your mind is likely to leave a deep impact on your life and your consciousness.

Start today because it all begins with just one gesture. Wishing you a wonderful journey of infinite unconditional love!

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Your Psychic Self

your-psychic-selfAs children, we learn about our five senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.  Even though we are born with a sixth sense, our intuition, by the age of three adults have convinced us that the ‘invisible friend’ we see or hear is a figment of our playful, childlike imagination. We push away our extrasensory perception and over time, we un-learn how to tap into our natural telepathic senses.

Awakening your psychic abilities is a simple, three-step process:

  1. Believe you can;
  2. Meditate;
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Plan to tap into the psychic realms daily. Your meditation practice should involve relaxation and breathing exercises as well as affirmations and visualizations of your aura, or energy field. Your energy field consists of invisible layers of vital energy, named the etheric body, mental body, emotional body, causal body, and spiritual body. Becoming aware of the frequencies of your own aura, and improving the acuity of your pineal gland (a pea-sized, pine-cone-shaped gland located in the middle of your brain) through meditation, will facilitate your direct communication with the spiritual realms.

No special ESP-training is needed, you can create your own exercises – the key requirements are that you clear your mind, relax your body, get quiet, be still – and listen.

Before you start your psychic awareness journey, decide which psychic sense you want to develop. Everyone has a number of natural perceptive skills, but most people have a specialty. Which of your ‘Clairs’ do you want to work on? Clairsentience (feeling)? Clairvoyance (seeing)? Clairaudience (hearing)? Or, perhaps you want to practice one of the more esoteric Clairs: clairalience (smelling), clairgustance (tasting), or claircognizance (inner knowing).

There are many ways to engage with your ‘sixth sense’ insights. Experiment, see which divination methods resonate best with your natural abilities. Many psychics excel at several occult practices, but you should settle on one or two, so you develop a proficiency. Once you have honed your technique, you can add others. For example, you could take up psychometry (reading objects); use a pendulum to decipher messages from your subconscious; or learn to dowse. You could read tea leaves or Tarot cards; do palmistry or scry; take up automatic writing; develop your medical intuitive skills, or become a mental medium. Just decide what area of the occult arts will best match your intuitive skill set, and then, feel confident and positive, get quiet – and be your natural, psychic self!

Exercise to enter into Meditation:

  • First, clear the energy of the room you are in with this breathing exercise:
  • Sit comfortably in your chair. Close your eyes.
  • Breathe in through your nostrils, 1, 2, 3, 4, breathe out through your mouth 1, 2, 3, 4. Let the energy of your day just sigh away.
  • You are breathing in through your nostrils, 1, 2, 3, 4, and breathing out through your mouth 1 2 3 4. Feel the hectic energy of all your busy-ness being released. All the pressures and any negativity that have come up today are being released, on each out breath, it all just blows away.
  • Breathe in, to the count of four, breathe out to the count of four.

As you are just relaxing, feel your body in your chair, your feet on the floor. You are very comfortable, very relaxed. Eyes closed, keep breathing, slowly, steadily. Breathe in, to the count of four, breathe out to the count of four.

And now, imagine a silver orb of light in the middle of the room, it is a clear ball, filled with glowing moonlight. Feel the ball getting bigger, bigger, even bigger. It is filling the room with beautiful moonlight. Feel the former energy of the room, all the energy of the busy-ness in the room being squeezed out, out to the outside, where it is pulled down into the ground and absorbed by the earth. And now, your room is filled with a pure, silver light, ready for you to begin your meditation.

Be still, be silent, and listen.

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