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Meditation Ideas to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Meditation is a powerful practice with many far-reaching benefits, and one of them is increasing your self-esteem. Here’s how you can use meditation to feel more confident.

Observing Instead of Believing

We hold so many beliefs about ourselves. And so many of these beliefs are negative, limiting and simply not true. Meditation allows you to observe your thoughts without judging them or believing them.

Your thoughts might say: I’m not good enough and thin enough. Or, I’m a failure and I’ll never find a good job. But you can see these thoughts exactly for what they are: thoughts. And you don’t have to build your identity around them.

Give Yourself Love and Kindness

The stillness of meditation allows you to see yourself for who you are. And maybe you won’t like what you see. But it really doesn’t matter what you think about yourself. Who you are, goes deeper than external qualities. Money, success, appearance, history, status, relationships – these don’t define the real, essential you!

You learn this by connecting to the Source. Meditation helps you do that, and it reminds you that you’re important and enough and that you have a purpose, just as you are. From this positive mindset, you can send love, kindness, and compassion to yourself.

Confidence-Boosting Mantras

You can repeat self-affirming mantras during your meditation practice. Here are just a few to inspire you. And if you see a negative thought pop up, neutralize it with a positive thought. You have the ability to change how your mind thinks about you.

  • I am secure in who I am.
  • I can be myself, just as others can be themselves.
  • I accept everything I am
  • I am good enough

Open Your Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, or Manipura, is located between the belly and the sternum. It’s the seat of self-worth. If it’s blocked or weakened, you can suffer from low self-confidence. And you can easily feel like a victim, shy, frustrated, and discouraged.

So, a great way to boost self-confidence is to focus on the sacral chakra during meditations. Try imagining an orange orb where the chakra is located. Or, imagine yourself bathed in an orange light from which you can draw support and strength.

You can boost your self-esteem with the ancient practice of meditation. And when you learn to look at your thoughts differently, you can look at yourself differently. This is how you reclaim your true place in this world.

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Your Psychic Self

your-psychic-selfAs children, we learn about our five senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.  Even though we are born with a sixth sense, our intuition, by the age of three adults have convinced us that the ‘invisible friend’ we see or hear is a figment of our playful, childlike imagination. We push away our extrasensory perception and over time, we un-learn how to tap into our natural telepathic senses.

Awakening your psychic abilities is a simple, three-step process:

  1. Believe you can;
  2. Meditate;
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Plan to tap into the psychic realms daily. Your meditation practice should involve relaxation and breathing exercises as well as affirmations and visualizations of your aura, or energy field. Your energy field consists of invisible layers of vital energy, named the etheric body, mental body, emotional body, causal body, and spiritual body. Becoming aware of the frequencies of your own aura, and improving the acuity of your pineal gland (a pea-sized, pine-cone-shaped gland located in the middle of your brain) through meditation, will facilitate your direct communication with the spiritual realms.

No special ESP-training is needed, you can create your own exercises – the key requirements are that you clear your mind, relax your body, get quiet, be still – and listen.

Before you start your psychic awareness journey, decide which psychic sense you want to develop. Everyone has a number of natural perceptive skills, but most people have a specialty. Which of your ‘Clairs’ do you want to work on? Clairsentience (feeling)? Clairvoyance (seeing)? Clairaudience (hearing)? Or, perhaps you want to practice one of the more esoteric Clairs: clairalience (smelling), clairgustance (tasting), or claircognizance (inner knowing).

There are many ways to engage with your ‘sixth sense’ insights. Experiment, see which divination methods resonate best with your natural abilities. Many psychics excel at several occult practices, but you should settle on one or two, so you develop a proficiency. Once you have honed your technique, you can add others. For example, you could take up psychometry (reading objects); use a pendulum to decipher messages from your subconscious; or learn to dowse. You could read tea leaves or Tarot cards; do palmistry or scry; take up automatic writing; develop your medical intuitive skills, or become a mental medium. Just decide what area of the occult arts will best match your intuitive skill set, and then, feel confident and positive, get quiet – and be your natural, psychic self!

Exercise to enter into Meditation:

  • First, clear the energy of the room you are in with this breathing exercise:
  • Sit comfortably in your chair. Close your eyes.
  • Breathe in through your nostrils, 1, 2, 3, 4, breathe out through your mouth 1, 2, 3, 4. Let the energy of your day just sigh away.
  • You are breathing in through your nostrils, 1, 2, 3, 4, and breathing out through your mouth 1 2 3 4. Feel the hectic energy of all your busy-ness being released. All the pressures and any negativity that have come up today are being released, on each out breath, it all just blows away.
  • Breathe in, to the count of four, breathe out to the count of four.

As you are just relaxing, feel your body in your chair, your feet on the floor. You are very comfortable, very relaxed. Eyes closed, keep breathing, slowly, steadily. Breathe in, to the count of four, breathe out to the count of four.

And now, imagine a silver orb of light in the middle of the room, it is a clear ball, filled with glowing moonlight. Feel the ball getting bigger, bigger, even bigger. It is filling the room with beautiful moonlight. Feel the former energy of the room, all the energy of the busy-ness in the room being squeezed out, out to the outside, where it is pulled down into the ground and absorbed by the earth. And now, your room is filled with a pure, silver light, ready for you to begin your meditation.

Be still, be silent, and listen.

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5 Tips to Enhance Your Meditation

meditation-277889_960_720Meditation is among the oldest forms of self-enlightenment, dating back thousands of years. Even today, it’s practiced by tens of millions of people throughout the world. If you’re thinking about meditating, however, you should follow these tips for an easier and more productive session.

Maintain a Positive Mindset

Meditation refers to a broad range of practices that are designed to reduce stress, increase energy, and develop a greater love, patience and compassion for others. Therefore, it’s essential that you maintain a positive mindset throughout the process. If you are stressed about work, finances or a relationship, it may negatively impact your meditation sessions. Learn to block out these negative thoughts while meditating, focusing on your inner chakra instead.

Meditate in a Distraction-Free Environment

It’s difficult to mediate when you’re constantly being distracted by outside elements. Whether it’s the television, radio, phone, etc., these things can make it difficult to concentrate, reducing the effectiveness of your sessions. So if you’re planning to meditate, find a quiet, distraction-free environment. Some people prefer to mediate at night for this very reason, as there’s fewer distractions during the night as opposed to the day.

Pre-Meditation Stretching

Many experts recommend performing a light stretching exercise before you meditate. The purpose of this is to improve flexibility and stimulate blood flow throughout the body. You don’t have to spend half an hour stretching, but rather spend a couple of minutes tilting your body forwards, backwards and from side to side.

Control Your Breathing

The secret to a productive meditation session lies in the breathing technique. Meditation is all about relaxing the body and mind — something that’s directly impacted by breathing. When meditating, take slow, deep breaths. This will slow your heart rate while allowing your body to relax. The great thing about deep-breathing exercises such as this is that you can perform them virtually anywhere, anytime.

Stimulate Your Senses

Contrary to what some people may believe, you don’t necessarily have to block out your surrounding environment when meditating. In fact, you can actually use your environment to your advantage by allowing it to further relax your body and mind. Burning scented candles or incense, for instance, may create a pleasing aroma that helps you relax. You can also play some soothing music, such as nature sounds, to enhance your meditation sessions and promote greater relaxation.

Photo Credit ECowa

Join Deepak Chopra in this Soul of Healing Meditation below.  Deepak is inspires and educates us in the field of mind-body medicine.  He has written several books some of which are New York Times Best Sellers.  Deepak also has some wonderful meditation audios.

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Relaxation Techniques to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Do you experience regular bouts of stress? While some people assume stress is harmless, it can negatively affect both your body and mind. According to the website StatisticsBrain, 77% of the general population experiences physical symptoms caused by stress. This may include increased blood pressure, sweating, insomnia, weakened immune system, fatigue, etc. Thankfully, you can relieve stress and anxiety by engaging in one or more of the following relaxation techniques.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra is a Transcendental Meditation technique that involves silently repeating a word or phrase in a quiet, distraction-free environment with your eyes closed. Your “mantra” can literally be anything, ranging from your own name to a motivational phrase like “just breathe.” Of course, it’s recommended that you choose a positive mantra for optimal results, as negatively focused mantras could have the opposite effect by increasing stress levels. Mantra meditation is believed to allow the individual’s attention to transition to a quieter style of functioning. Click here for some ancient mantra’s.

Guided Meditation

What in the world is guided meditation and how can it help to relieve stress and anxiety? Guided meditation is exactly what it sounds like: meditation that’s performed under the guidance and/or instructions of another individual. Many people want to meditate but don’t know how. Guided meditation allows newcomers to experience a true, genuine meditation practice under the expertise of an instructor.

Keep in mind, however, that you can still perform guided meditation at home. There are guided meditation DVDs, MP3s, smartphone apps and more.

On our site we share various meditations with you every month, some of which are guided. A couple links are listed below, as well as another at the end of this post.

Observe Your Mind

The next time you feel stressed, try becoming the observer of your own mind. To do this, close your eyes and place your attention towards the area between your eyebrows (known as the Third Eye). Rather than feeling your anxiety, sit back and observe it. Doing so will allow you to develop a greater understanding of the true cause of your stress, at which point you make changes in your life to eliminate it.

Relax Your Muscles

As we mentioned earlier, stress can bring on physical symptoms, such as muscle tension for instance. When you are stressed, your body will instinctively tense up. To relieve this physical tension, close your eyes and relax each and every muscle, starting from the top of your head and working your way to the bottom of your feet. As your muscles begin to revert back to their normal, relaxed state, you’ll feel a sense of calmness flowing through your body. See the meditation video below.

We also offer free and low-cost downloadable meditations and mantras on our sister site.

Above Photo Credit: Tarcio



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Best Places to Meditate

A relaxing and mentally productive meditation session begins with choosing the right location. Attempting to meditate in a loud, distracting environment will make it increasingly difficult for you to retain control of your thoughts, which of course is essential for this practice. However, a peaceful and serene environment will allow enhance your ability to meditate, as it ties directly into your thoughts in a natural, seamless manner.

The Beach

You can can’t wrong with the beach when choosing a location to meditate. Even if there are other beach-goers present, the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore will provide a soothing and relaxing background. You can try to align your breathing with the ocean waves, breathing in and out at the same time as the waves crash. And if you still want some privacy, try venturing down shore to find a jetty or some other secluded area.

The Woods

Of course, a forest or wooded area is another excellent location to meditate. There’s just something peaceful about the woods. Perhaps it’s the fact that there are no signs of modern civilization present, or maybe it’s because of the diverse wildlife. Regardless, a wooded area makes a great place to meditate. I recommend searching for a somewhat open area with a large log on which you can sit. You can then post up here and perform your regular meditation ritual.

In a Field

Open fields of grass offer an ideal location to meditate. With only the sound of blades of grass blowing in the wind, you’ll have an easier time maintaining focus during meditation.  You may also hear the birds singing or see some wild life depending on the time of day and location.

On the Airplane

If you frequently travel via commercial airliner — for work or leisure — try meditating on your next flight. Most people are either sleeping or playing on their gadgets during flights, so chances are they won’t pay any attention to you. Just close your eyes and make slow, deep breaths while blocking all distractions in your surrounding environment.

If you are a traveler, there are also many places that offer retreats for meditation.

In Your Bed

Who says that you have to travel outside of your home (or bedroom) to meditate? Many people actually prefer to meditate in their bed, as this offers a familiar, relaxing environment without any surprises. Whether it’s in the morning or at night, try laying down on your bed and meditating for 10-20 minutes. As long as the TV is turned off and other distractions removed, this should offer an ideal location.

Photo Credit: Alice Popkorn

Here is a short 20 minute nature sound meditation, Enjoy.

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7 Chakras Meditation

NuMeditationMusic brings you Solfeggio Frequencies Healing Meditation: 7 Chakras Meditation frequencies. Their mission is to write music that can impact others in a positive way because their belief is music can change lives!

In the list below the video, it shows the starting time for each Chakra so you can pick the Chakra that is in the most need of balancing and listen to that meditation or balance all 7.


00:00      Root Chakra
10:00      Sacral Chakra
20:00      Solar Plexus Chakra
30:00      Heart Chakra
40:00      Throat Chakra
50:00      Third Eye Chakra
1:00:00   Crown Chakra

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Cut the Chords of Past and Present Pain with Your Healing Angels

Let your loving Angels be with you as Doreen Virtue with Hay House guides you in this meditation of cutting chords from your past and present pain.



Feel the tension float away….



Accept this healing from the Angels!

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