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How to Clear Your Crystals

Crystals are natural energy collectors. When a person comes in contact with a crystal, they leave many forms of energy behind from their thoughts, emotions, touch, and other sources. While that is not always a bad thing, when you obtain a crystal you can make it truly yours by clearing it of stored energy. We have listed a couple clearing techniques below.


Smudging is a traditional Native American method to clear energy by burning sage and cedar leaves. To smudge a crystal, simply pass the crystal back and forth through the smoke. You can find cedar and sage at most shops that sell herbal remedies. A smudge stick is a combination of sage, cedar, and other herbs. Smudging can clear your crystal as well as your general area and yourself.

Your Breath

To use your breath to clear a crystal, simply hold it in your dominant hand, or in both hands if needed. Focus on the thought of freeing that crystal of any negative energy. As you are holding this thought, use your nose to inhale and exhale through your mouth directly onto your crystal. Your breath is a vehicle for your intentions to clear the crystal. The crystals can also be held in your palms, close your eyes and picture a white bubble of love and light around them.

Sea Salt

Completely immerse a crystal in a container of sea salt overnight to clear it. Alternatively, you can use a solution of water and sea salt. For this method, your intuition will play a major role in how much sea salt you use and for how long you leave it immersed. One to three days will usually do the trick.

You will want to wash all of the salt off your crystal after clearing it. Filtered water is recommended for the washing process. Many people do not like the abrasiveness of salt and feel this method is a bit too harsh for their tastes.

Always try to use your intuition to decide whether you should clear your crystal or not. If you sense any stickiness, cloudiness, or a decrease in energy, it is time for a clearing.

Click here for common crystals, what they are used for and how to choose them.

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How to Cope and Handle Spiritual Uncertainty

It’s unnerving to experience a dark period of doubt and skepticism, especially if you’re a spiritual person. It’s like getting lost in a deep forest – so confusing! If you’re currently struggling with spiritual uncertainty, these tips can help you deal with it, while also give you some much-needed comfort along the way.

Everyone Has Doubts Sometimes

Spirituality covers all religions and belief systems. You can have faith in God, other deities, angels, spirit guides, Ayurvedic wisdom, an abundant universe, energetic healing systems, etc. Your faith in any of these things is based on your conviction that they’re true.

Unfortunately, today’s secular world challenges this kind of faith at every turn. And your beliefs can look weak against the political and social backdrops that bring pain to our planet. With all the trouble going on in the world, it’s easy to start questioning your beliefs.

Even though spiritual doubts are uncomfortable, you can take comfort knowing that many people experience uncertainty from time to time. And it doesn’t mean you’re unfaithful or a failure! What’s more, you can actually turn this negative experience into a positive one, and use this time to create room for faith again.

Make an Intention to Believe

Do you want to be skeptical? Most of us would probably say, “No way!” But sometimes, we unconsciously hold onto painful experiences. So, make a clear intention that you want to be free of doubt. It’s a powerful first step!

Connect to Your Source

Who or what is your divine source? It’s known by many names: God, Krishna, the Tao, etc. But who is yours? Even though these divine sources are unfathomable, they are always personally present to you, and you have access to them.

Reignite Your Spiritual Practice

A spiritual drought might not seem like the right time to enkindle your spiritual practice, but committing to a routine can give you hope while you explore your doubts. Try to compassionately return to rituals that resonate with you. And be patient with yourself as you engage with them.

It’s important to make time for quiet meditation, prayer, and journaling. And when you’re doing these activities, don’t be afraid to express doubt, or to ask questions to your divine source. You can always interact with the Divine.

When you ask tough questions, you come to know what you believe and why. By digging deeper, you can actually develop a stronger faith and conviction than you ever had before – something you wouldn’t have if you never experienced a dark night of the soul.

Return to the Spirit Through Nature

Another wonderful way to commune with the divine is to immerse yourself in the physical, natural world. When you experience awe for Mother Nature and her beauties, you can rekindle a feeling of wonder. And this is a great portal into the spirit.

Spiritual uncertainty can be challenging, but these steps can help you feel comfort and peace during these difficult times.

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Simple Ways to Choose the Right Crystals for You Now

Choosing the right crystal from the myriad of available options can be a daunting task. While you do not need to know the properties of every crystal, it helps to have a system to select one. You may want a particular crystal to help with a certain issue or health ailment. Here are a few ways you can use to pick the right crystal for you.

First Sight

When you first look at a range of crystals, often one will catch your eye in the beginning and keep your attention throughout. This likely means that the stone will be beneficial to you. Intuition is a great way to make your decision.

If nothing drew your eye when you first looked, try closing your eyes and recalling why you are purchasing a crystal in the first place. When you open them again, you have a second chance at using your first sight. Choose the crystal you feel drawn the most to; this is your stone.

Sense the crystals

Another way to decide if a crystal is right for you is to look at it and try to sense its vibrations. Different crystals vibrate in unique frequencies that some people are sensitive enough to feel. Developing your vibration sensitivity is as easy as holding a large clear quartz crystal in your hand.

Some crystals have a regular energy pulse; others can feel unusually cold or warm. Sometimes a crystal will produce a slight tingling sensation on the skin.  You may not even be able to describe the sensation you get from the crystal that feels right to you. This method works best when you have a wide variety of crystals to choose from.

Receive a crystal

Receiving a crystal as a gift is an intimate and precious event. As you start to get more familiar with crystals, you may even start “finding” them, or rather they will find you. It is common for a gifted crystal to be exactly what you need at that moment, whether you know it or not.

Losing a crystal is also a common occurrence, but many times these crystals go missing because they have served their purpose and are no longer needed. Though it can be frustrating to lose an item you have bonded with, sometimes it is time to let go.

Last word

Leave your expectations at the door. Often you will be set on buying a specific crystal and end up buying one that is totally different. Your unconscious is free and clear to make decisions without involving the clutter of your life and will do so if needed. The best way to choose is to use your intuition and feeling, instead of your conscious mind.

Crystals can also be beneficial in helping you with your vision.

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You Can Use Crystals to Get Clear on Your Intentions

Do you feel like your intentions are all a blur, and that you can’t focus on them for very long? This can be really frustrating, but crystals can give you some much-needed clarity. That’s because crystals are so much more than trendy home decor. In fact, their unseen energetic levels can influence your own energy, and help bring balance back into your life. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Crystals Have Their Own Energy

Just like you and I have our own energy, so do crystals. And very often, if we have negative, energetic vibrations, it’s hard to have mental clarity and positive feelings. That’s why it’s important to first clear out any negativity before you make new intentions.

Start with Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline protects you from unwanted energies and diffuses and transforms negative energy into positive energy. If certain people make you feel unhappy, you can easily keep this crystal close by; it will bring protection and help ward off disrupting energies.

Heal Your Emotional Blocks with Crystals

Amethyst, which comes in many various shades of purple, can help heal emotional blocks. And since emotional well-being leads to mental clarity, you can reach your highest potential with the help of amethyst. It’s also associated with both the crown, and third eye chakra: two chakras that provide an entry into our divinity, and our higher selves.

What Crystals Do You Like?

Confusion happens if we have unresolved issues that need to be healed. That’s why it makes sense to start with black tourmaline to neutralize negativity. And then, heal emotional blocks with amethyst. But what about focusing on other issues and getting clear on your intentions?

Instead of trying to match your specific issue with the appropriate crystal, or getting caught up in their descriptions, try to simply look at crystals and see which ones you’re attracted to.

It’s true: every crystal has a specific purpose. Some calm and cool you, others increase your self-love. Crystals can help you overcome depression; expand your awareness; connect to the earth; increase your optimism, and center yourself.

But you’ll find that some are just more attractive to you than others. And these are the crystals that are actually perfect for you right now.

So, go ahead and start with black tourmaline and amethyst, but then, don’t be afraid to explore other crystals. When you let your own energies respond to the healing energy of crystals, you can find balance and get clear on your intentions.

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The Flower of Life

If you are active in the New Thought movement, you have seen the image of the Flower of the Life more and more over the past years. This impressive shape, a series of circles set one upon the other, bounded within a sphere, seems simple. In fact, it is incredibly complex and has deep spiritual meaning and profound metaphysical significance. Its arcs, rings, and curves represent universal symbols and hold hidden alchemical messages. It is the most sacred shape known to seekers of wisdom, for it is said to contain the very blueprint of creation. It is the quintessential representation of the saying, “As above, so below.”

As above, so below. These age-old words, credited to the ancient Egyptian god-man, Hermes Trismegistus, seek to describe that the principles and properties of our vast universe—the complex science and systems that rule our galaxies, planets and star systems—are the same laws that rule all of nature, our human bodies and minds, indeed, even our spirits and souls. This adage is at the very foundation of the New Thought movement, that popular belief that there is a unifying consciousness which animates all things and that humanity, nature and the cosmos are parts of one divine, intelligent whole.

As we seek to understand the nature of the universe, we can look to sacred geometry to explain the energetic interaction of spirituality, philosophy, and science. The swirling shapes of planetary nebulae can be found in the gentle unfolding of a fern frond, a whirlpool, or a nascent human embryo; the rings of Saturn can be seen in a pool of water in which a pebble is dropped. The proportion and form of all things in existence can be seen as patterns, universal codes if you will, that underlie the very substance of matter. That elemental pattern is called The Flower of Life. But where did it come from?

In the beginning, in that time we call Genesis, Divine spirit desired to know itself. Out of the spiritual void came limitless energy, in the form of a sound: Om. Om vibrated at unfathomable speed and imprinted itself upon the void as a physical, multi-dimensional sphere, expanding infinitely into space-time, laying the groundwork for all shapes to come. And, because the Divine intended to be self-aware, out of that one circle came two circles, laid one upon the other; the Divine expressed its duality in a shape we now call the Vesica Pisces. This form continued to generate itself outward, manifesting as endless, interconnecting circles in a geometric progression.

Thus, cosmic energy spun out of nothingness and the patterns it created became something: an infinite, holographic, inter-dimensional, geometric grid. The energetic vibrations of the cosmic planes manifested as patterns in the reality and structures we know as space, time, dimension and matter. This shape, a pattern of endless circles laid upon infinite circles, held within a Divine sphere is the Flower of Life, the harmonic frequency and mathematical proportion of life itself. As above, so below.

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Ways to Activate your Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is helpful for regulating your mood, sleeping patterns, and energy levels. Activating your pineal gland will cause it to produce hormones that keep some of the most important aspects of your life balanced. These four ways to activate your pineal gland will help to keep your stress leveled and your mood bright.


Meditation is a great way to learn how to direct energy to certain parts of the body with practice—including the pineal gland. Meditation can also help activate your bioelectric energy, which can garner a good response from your pineal gland.

Sleep in total darkness

Sleeping in a dark environment helps to ensure you get a restful sleep. The dark environment encourages your pineal gland to produce more melatonin. Backlit devices such as tablets, cell phones, PC monitors, and televisions can confuse your sleeping cycle, as the light will stimulate serotonin production. This tricks your pineal gland into thinking it is daytime. Melatonin production from a dark room will help you to sleep deeper and feel more restful the next day.

Get out into the sun

Sun exposure stimulates the mind and gives the pineal gland a kick-start.  Either direct or indirect sunlight will prompt the pineal gland into producing serotonin, which contributes to energy and mood levels. This is why you should avoid light after sundown. At night you need to produce melatonin to suppress the serotonin that makes you feel awake during the day.


Sun-gazing is the act of looking directly at the sun during the safest times of day—at sunrise or sunset. Looking directly at the sun is risky to the health of your eyes, and it is not recommended for more than a few seconds, even at low light periods like sunrise and sunset. Indirect sunlight can also help stimulate the pineal gland, so just being outside works as well.

As you can see these are just some easy ways to activate your pineal gland which will help your mood, sleeping and energy levels.

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Tarot

The origins of Tarot cards has its roots in ancient cultures. There are various theories as to the origin of the Tarot but nobody knows for sure where it originated.  One thing that remains clear is that the symbolism and occult science of the Tarot have remained the same throughout the ages.   Many people who want to learn the Tarot become overwhelmed and don’t know where to start; so we created this short guide to give beginners the steps and symbolism necessary to begin learning how to use the Tarot.

Selecting Your Tarot Deck

The first step is to find a good Tarot Deck, but this can be a daunting task as there are literally hundreds of different tarot decks to choose from.  Each Different deck uses its own Art and interpretation of the symbolism of the tarot.  For a beginner,  your first deck should probably be the very popular Rider-Waite deck or one of its many clones. The Rider-Waite decks are the most popular tarot deck and most tarot books include a description of the symbolism of each card.  This deck and many other decks usually come with a small book that describes all the cards; which can be a helpful quick reference for beginners to start learning the interpretations of the cards.

Understanding How The Tarot Deck Works

Tarot decks are composed of 78 cards:  22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana.  In the beginning, you will want to learn the symbolism and story of the major and the minor arcana. Trying to learn all the cards can be overwhelming in the beginning and a lot of people have found it helpful to just pick a card each day and learn its symbolism.  We also have videos on our site explaining the cards that come up in your readings.

Major Arcana

The 22 cards of the Major Arcana can best be learned by understanding that they tell a story of our human condition and our journey to spiritual self-awareness and wholeness; with each card representing a stage on that journey.  The story is referred to as the Fool’s journey, and the Fool is represented by the number O, then the story unfolds as we move through the 21 numbered major arcana cards and the last card on this journey is the World, a card that symbolizes completion.

Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana describes the people, events, feelings and circumstances we encounter on our personal “Fool’s Journey.  The 56 cards of the Minor Arcana are divided into four suits or worlds: Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles.  Each suit contains 4 court cards, the King, Queen, Knight and Page and 10 numbered cards.

Getting Familiar with Tarot Card Spreads

A “spread” simply refers to the particular pattern or layout of your cards as you do a reading.  There are many different types of spreads, with the 3 most popular being the Celtic Cross  Spread, the Three Cards Spread, and the 5 Card Spread. Each type of spread forms a patterned framework for a tarot reading, with each position of the tarot cards in a spread having a meaning or reference towards the overall reading. Below you will find a quick summary of the 3 Card Spread and the Celtic Cross Spread. Further detailed descriptions are located above the card in each reading on our site.

The Three-Card Spread:

This spread is good for yes or no questions and is very easy to do.

Card #1 represents the past/issues affecting the problem.

Card #2 represents the present/problem.

Card #3 represents the future/outcome.


The Celtic Cross Spread

In this spread, ten cards are spread in the form of a cross. The overall pattern of the cards indicates the situation you are seeking to understand and predict.

Card #1 reflects the present position, your primary and main concerns.

Card #2 is influence and reflects the concern and situation that is soon to come.

Card #3 shows what your goals are.

Card #4 tells you about your past.

Card #5 represents the influences of your immediate past.

Card #6 represents your immediate future.

Card #7 represents the factors or inner feelings that affect the situation.

Card #8 represents your external influences and people or energies around the situation.

Card #9 represents your hopes and fears around the situation.

Card #10 represents the final outcome.

The 6 Steps to Doing a Tarot Reading

  1.  Relax – Learning to relax before a reading helps connect you to your own intuition. You can start by taking a few slow deep breaths, visualize your stress leaving as you breath out; try to clear your mind and let go to the present moment in whatever way that works best for you. 
  2.  Clear Your Tarot Deck – Ritually cleansing your tarot deck from your last reading or from someone who has touched your deck is an important aspect of getting ready for a reading.   Start by connecting to your cards and lightly shuffling them a bit, then imagine a white light enveloping and bathing your cards.   This helps clear your cards while also helping you to connect more strongly with them.
  3.  Ask Your Question – While holding your tarot deck, ask your Question silently in your mind or out loud. Feel free to shuffle the cards a bit more, you can shuffle in any way that feels right for you.
  4.  Cut your Deck – Place your Tarot cards on the table in front of you.   Then using your left hand cut the deck in half and place the top half on the left; then start taking cards from the top of the right-hand pile. Some people like to divide the deck into three piles, and then take the cards from the top of the center pile.    Either way is fine, just do what feels right to you in the moment.
  5.  Lay the Cards out in a Spread – Over time you will learn a variety of different Spreads.  You will then use your understanding of the current question to determine the spread that you are going to use.  Start taking the cards from the top of the deck and lay them out in the proper order for the tarot card spread that you are using.
  6.  Interpret the Cards – When interpreting the cards it is best to use your intuition and trust your first impressions. When reading the cards be aware of the images, feelings, and sensations that arise as you start to interpret the card.  Combine your intuition with your understanding of the tarot cards symbolism to complete the reading and to obtain the answer to the question at hand.

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