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How to Set Boundaries

Boundaries are very important. You must know what you are okay with and what you are not okay with. Without boundaries, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and pain. If you don’t want people to take you for granted, you have to know where your boundaries begin and end. It takes skill to develop and preserve your boundaries.

No matter how hard it has been for you to stick to your boundaries, take heart and trust that it is a skill you can easily develop.

Listen to Your Heart

You can’t set your boundaries without knowing who you are. Knowing yourself implies that you have to identify what matters to you and what your values are. It helps to develop a deeply introspective approach in general. Analyze what feels good to your heart and what doesn’t. Making your feelings an emotional thermostat for analyzing your boundaries is a good place, to begin with. Generally, anything that doesn’t feel good to your heart should give you the cue that the other person’s actions are violating your boundaries. Don’t fool yourself by trying to justify their actions if the little voice inside your heart tells you that something is amiss. Remember that the wisdom of the heart is always far superior to the logic of the mind. Give your heart more credit for everything it knows.

You have to identify and set your boundaries in all key aspects of life. This means that you must know what your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual limits are. Identifying and understanding your boundaries is already the job half done. As ironic as it might seem, most people go through their entire life not really knowing what their boundaries are. They constantly express great disappointment when someone says something or acts in a way that is not really acceptable to them. They also make the mistake of seeing it only as a one-time instance, instead of understanding that the words and actions of the other person were actually a violation of their personal boundaries. Therefore, I’d advise that while determining your boundaries, you go back to all those instances in your life when you felt deeply saddened and hurt by the words or actions of another person. Ask yourself why it hurt you so much and are you willing to let something like this happen ever again?

Set Your Boundaries

You have to make sure that others know what your boundaries are. Sometimes this can be achieved by being subtle and indirect. However, other times it may call for a far more direct approach. Usually, when two people are similar in their communication style and socio-cultural background, a subtle approach can be quite effective. On the other hand, if people hail from different socio-cultural backgrounds and have distinctly different communication styles, then a direct approach is the best.

If anything happens that makes you uneasy, you must make sure that the other person knows how you feel about their behavior. Of course, this is not always easy. There are risks involved as it can change the dynamics of your relationship with the other person.  However, this is where it becomes very important to ask yourself what you are willing to live with and what you are not willing to take on your stride.

The best way to communicate how you feel about something is by discussing your feelings without any obvious finger pointing. This allows the other person to hear you out without getting defensive. For instance, if you feel that your partner does not allow you enough space to truly be yourself, convey it in a way that doesn’t make them instantly defensive. So, instead of, “You don’t let me be myself,” you can say, “I know how much you love me. I also understand that you always want the best for me. However, sometimes I find it very hard to completely be myself with you. I know it’s not your intention but sometimes I feel as if you don’t fully accept me for who I am.”

When you bestow sincere appreciation and thank the other person for the good things they are doing, it instantly puts them at ease. Besides, when you talk about your feelings without any blame, it allows them to truly listen to you without getting defensive.

Of course, setting boundaries is no easy task. You will have to deal with a lot of difficult emotions that might come up while you are trying to enforce your boundaries. Don’t forget that nothing worthwhile is ever easy. You have to exercise patience and constant self-awareness. Choosing to stick to your ethics and personal beliefs is an act of self-respect.

Love Yourself First

You can’t give to others what you don’t have for yourself. If you don’t love yourself, then you can’t fully love another person either. You are your greatest responsibility. Looking after your needs and providing for yourself is not an act of selfishness but one of self-care. Give yourself room to be yourself. Stay assertive when communicating about your boundaries to others.

It might take the time to identify and set your boundaries. Start small but remain steady.

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What is Human Frequency and How Can You Raise Yours?

The Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration states that everything is constantly moving, shifting, and vibrating. This early twentieth-century theory by Albert Einstein suggests that when matter is broken down into smaller components, it enters into a different realm where everything is made of vibrating energy.

What is Frequency?

Frequencies are based on vibrating cycles. Faster vibrating cycles mean higher frequency, and slower cycles make a lower frequency. The measurement of vibration cycles per second is called Hertz. A frequency of 500 cycles per second would be 500 hertz (Hz).

 What is the Human Frequency?

Humans are no exception to the law of vibration. The frequency of a healthy human should be between 62 and 68 MHz (megahertz= 1 million hertz). Higher frequencies are related to a happier and healthier you. High frequency relates to high energy, which is positive. When vibration is high, you are more likely to attract positive people and outcomes in your life. Like attracts like.

When frequencies drop below the 62-68 MHz range, it can lead to a number of negative impacts in different areas of your life, including poor health, negative relationships, or poor finances. Typically, sickness and ill feelings will set in when your body drops down below 58 MHz, but many suggest staying over 62 MHz to stay healthy.

How do I Raise my Frequency?

There are many ways to raise your frequency and thus improve your overall being. One simple method is to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Water flushes the toxins out of your system and helps keep your organs going.

Taking a break from the hustle of life to appreciate the beauty around you is another easy one. When you recognize the beauty in life, you can appreciate it more and your frequency will rise with your positive energy. You can also eat good food or enjoy nice smells. When your energy is positive, you will attract the positive things in life.

Of course, meditation also raises your frequency as well as being grateful and practicing acts of kindness.  These are all simple things you can do daily to keep your frequency up.

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Connecting to Source: Guidance from Today’s Most-Loved Spiritual Teachers

There is so much more to life than the physical world. Nonetheless, the physical world is very good at distracting us from the spiritual realm. It can be challenging to connect to the Source amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. So, let these spiritual teachers inspire you to reconnect again. You’re much closer to the Source than you realize!

Deepak Chopra

“Human beings are made of body, mind, and spirit. Of these, spirit is primary, for it connects us to the source of everything, the eternal field of consciousness.”

Deepak Chopra’s is reminding us that our human nature is actually designed for connection to the Source. Your spirit – just like your body and mind – needs to be nurtured properly. And it’s important for your spirit to connect to a greater Source.

Eckhart Tolle

Even though this Source of everything is greater than we are, it isn’t far away. Eckhart Tolle teaches that Source “is deep within every form…it is accessible to you now as your own deepest self, your true nature. But don’t seek to grasp it with your mind…You can know it only when the mind is still.”

Your spirit doesn’t just connect you to the Source of everything. It’s already deep within you. Pretty amazing, right?

We only need to find silence and stillness to connect with it.

Mother Teresa

Another revered teacher, Mother Teresa, affirmed Tolle’s teaching when she said, “God is the friend of silence. See how nature—trees, grass, grow in silence; see the stars, the moon, and the sun, how they move in silence…. We need silence to be able to touch souls.”

You can move in silence, too! Just take a cue from the beautiful world around us.

Lao Tzu

This ancient teacher recognized the importance of silence and his words are still relevant today. He continues to remind us that “Silence is a source of great strength.”

Why? Because, as Dr. Wayne Dyer taught, silence is where you “make your personal and conscious contact with God.”  

So, from Lao Tzu all the way up to Eckhart Tolle we see that the Source is already within us, and always accessible to us. We just need to enter into a state of stillness and quiet. But how can we do that when we’re all so busy and distracted?

Create Stillness and Silence

When you acknowledge and honor your spiritual nature, you can set aside time to cultivate this much-needed stillness each and every day. Here are some easy ways to do that.

  1. Find a quiet place
  2. Set the intention to connect with the Source
  3. Still the mind and open it to the Source by choosing any of the following methods: Breathing Techniques, like Nadi Shodhana and Kapalabhati; meditation; writing to your intuition; journaling; prayer, and yoga.

 Open Your Third Eye with Carol Tuttle

It’s easier to connect to the Source when your 6th chakra, or Third Eye, is open. With mindfulness and awareness, you can open it again.

“Om” is a perfect mantra for the crown chakra. By chanting “Om”, you can actually activate the pineal gland and pituitary glands, which in turn activate this chakra. This is important because as Carol teaches, this physical location is where the spirit sits in the body.

You can also support your 6th chakra with purple and violet colors. So wearing purple clothing, or keeping crystals like amethyst nearby, are helpful practices, too.

These teachers can support you as you deepen your connection to the Source. We hope their wisdom will open many peaceful and joyful experience to you.

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How Powerful Affirmations Can Impact Your Life

Affirmations are a very powerful method of creating things that we want and changing the quality of our lives. Affirmations are declarations or thoughts that work to create a certain result; concentrating on a goal to make it a reality.

There are three aspects of affirmations, the first aspect is the words we use to express our desires. Once we establish our message, we will use visual images(the 2nd aspect) to accompany it. For example, if you are affirming a trip to Hawaii, you might want to use a postcard or brochure to take in the palm trees, lounge chairs, and beaches that the trip might entail.

The third aspect is to recreate the feeling of your affirmation. For a trip to Hawaii, you may feel relaxed or excited to be in such a unique destination. If you bring a loved one, you may feel a sense of romance or an increased bond. Try to feel these emotions, and they will drive you to make your affirmation a reality.

Be Aware of Your Affirmations

We give ourselves affirmations throughout our daily lives—though we are not always aware of it. The things that we say and think to ourselves are affirmations. The things others tell us that we accept and believe are also affirmations. Sometimes when we are not aware of their presence, we can create affirmations that are not good for us.

Negative Affirmations

These negative affirmations can creep into our daily thoughts, and if left unchecked, they can become beliefs that we base our lives upon. Some of the negative affirmations that can affect us are thoughts like: “the world is against me”, “life is full of suffering”, or “no one loves me”.

 Discover Your Negative Beliefs

Discovering these negative beliefs is the first step in dissolving them from your life. You must be conscious of these thoughts. One exercise to help catch yourself thinking negatively is to think of a positive affirmation. “Good things come easily” or something similar is a good start. When you think of something positive like this, your mind can quickly come up with reasons it is not true or why it will not happen.  Thoughts like:

  • They never have before
  • Some people aren’t meant for good things
  • Why should I be optimistic?

Another negative approach some take is to think of the benefits of a negative situation. The benefits of not having good things come to you may be:

  • No good things mean I have nothing to lose
  • No one will ask for anything if I have nothing
  • I won’t feel guilty for others who have nothing

Catching your negative affirmations right when they happen will help you to nip them in the bud. When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, you can supplant them with positive affirmations and begin your path to making those thoughts a reality. Also, consider how you are looking at things through love or through fear. One gives us negative thoughts and the other positive. Happy Affirming!

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Meditation Ideas to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Meditation is a powerful practice with many far-reaching benefits, and one of them is increasing your self-esteem. Here’s how you can use meditation to feel more confident.

Observing Instead of Believing

We hold so many beliefs about ourselves. And so many of these beliefs are negative, limiting and simply not true. Meditation allows you to observe your thoughts without judging them or believing them.

Your thoughts might say: I’m not good enough and thin enough. Or, I’m a failure and I’ll never find a good job. But you can see these thoughts exactly for what they are: thoughts. And you don’t have to build your identity around them.

Give Yourself Love and Kindness

The stillness of meditation allows you to see yourself for who you are. And maybe you won’t like what you see. But it really doesn’t matter what you think about yourself. Who you are, goes deeper than external qualities. Money, success, appearance, history, status, relationships – these don’t define the real, essential you!

You learn this by connecting to the Source. Meditation helps you do that, and it reminds you that you’re important and enough and that you have a purpose, just as you are. From this positive mindset, you can send love, kindness, and compassion to yourself.

Confidence-Boosting Mantras

You can repeat self-affirming mantras during your meditation practice. Here are just a few to inspire you. And if you see a negative thought pop up, neutralize it with a positive thought. You have the ability to change how your mind thinks about you.

  • I am secure in who I am.
  • I can be myself, just as others can be themselves.
  • I accept everything I am
  • I am good enough

Open Your Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, or Manipura, is located between the belly and the sternum. It’s the seat of self-worth. If it’s blocked or weakened, you can suffer from low self-confidence. And you can easily feel like a victim, shy, frustrated, and discouraged.

So, a great way to boost self-confidence is to focus on the sacral chakra during meditations. Try imagining an orange orb where the chakra is located. Or, imagine yourself bathed in an orange light from which you can draw support and strength.

You can boost your self-esteem with the ancient practice of meditation. And when you learn to look at your thoughts differently, you can look at yourself differently. This is how you reclaim your true place in this world.

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How to Cope and Handle Spiritual Uncertainty

It’s unnerving to experience a dark period of doubt and skepticism, especially if you’re a spiritual person. It’s like getting lost in a deep forest – so confusing! If you’re currently struggling with spiritual uncertainty, these tips can help you deal with it, while also give you some much-needed comfort along the way.

Everyone Has Doubts Sometimes

Spirituality covers all religions and belief systems. You can have faith in God, other deities, angels, spirit guides, Ayurvedic wisdom, an abundant universe, energetic healing systems, etc. Your faith in any of these things is based on your conviction that they’re true.

Unfortunately, today’s secular world challenges this kind of faith at every turn. And your beliefs can look weak against the political and social backdrops that bring pain to our planet. With all the trouble going on in the world, it’s easy to start questioning your beliefs.

Even though spiritual doubts are uncomfortable, you can take comfort knowing that many people experience uncertainty from time to time. And it doesn’t mean you’re unfaithful or a failure! What’s more, you can actually turn this negative experience into a positive one, and use this time to create room for faith again.

Make an Intention to Believe

Do you want to be skeptical? Most of us would probably say, “No way!” But sometimes, we unconsciously hold onto painful experiences. So, make a clear intention that you want to be free of doubt. It’s a powerful first step!

Connect to Your Source

Who or what is your divine source? It’s known by many names: God, Krishna, the Tao, etc. But who is yours? Even though these divine sources are unfathomable, they are always personally present to you, and you have access to them.

Reignite Your Spiritual Practice

A spiritual drought might not seem like the right time to enkindle your spiritual practice, but committing to a routine can give you hope while you explore your doubts. Try to compassionately return to rituals that resonate with you. And be patient with yourself as you engage with them.

It’s important to make time for quiet meditation, prayer, and journaling. And when you’re doing these activities, don’t be afraid to express doubt, or to ask questions to your divine source. You can always interact with the Divine.

When you ask tough questions, you come to know what you believe and why. By digging deeper, you can actually develop a stronger faith and conviction than you ever had before – something you wouldn’t have if you never experienced a dark night of the soul.

Return to the Spirit Through Nature

Another wonderful way to commune with the divine is to immerse yourself in the physical, natural world. When you experience awe for Mother Nature and her beauties, you can rekindle a feeling of wonder. And this is a great portal into the spirit.

Spiritual uncertainty can be challenging, but these steps can help you feel comfort and peace during these difficult times.

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Ways to Activate your Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is helpful for regulating your mood, sleeping patterns, and energy levels. Activating your pineal gland will cause it to produce hormones that keep some of the most important aspects of your life balanced. These four ways to activate your pineal gland will help to keep your stress leveled and your mood bright.


Meditation is a great way to learn how to direct energy to certain parts of the body with practice—including the pineal gland. Meditation can also help activate your bioelectric energy, which can garner a good response from your pineal gland.

Sleep in total darkness

Sleeping in a dark environment helps to ensure you get a restful sleep. The dark environment encourages your pineal gland to produce more melatonin. Backlit devices such as tablets, cell phones, PC monitors, and televisions can confuse your sleeping cycle, as the light will stimulate serotonin production. This tricks your pineal gland into thinking it is daytime. Melatonin production from a dark room will help you to sleep deeper and feel more restful the next day.

Get out into the sun

Sun exposure stimulates the mind and gives the pineal gland a kick-start.  Either direct or indirect sunlight will prompt the pineal gland into producing serotonin, which contributes to energy and mood levels. This is why you should avoid light after sundown. At night you need to produce melatonin to suppress the serotonin that makes you feel awake during the day.


Sun-gazing is the act of looking directly at the sun during the safest times of day—at sunrise or sunset. Looking directly at the sun is risky to the health of your eyes, and it is not recommended for more than a few seconds, even at low light periods like sunrise and sunset. Indirect sunlight can also help stimulate the pineal gland, so just being outside works as well.

As you can see these are just some easy ways to activate your pineal gland which will help your mood, sleeping and energy levels.

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