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More Lessons from the Major Arcana Tarot Cards

Are you looking for guidance and encouragement from Someone – or Something – wiser than you? Something that can cut through the distractions of daily life? Have you considered the Major Arcana cards of Tarot? If not, maybe it’s time you do.

Tarot has 22 Major Arcana cards, and they’re considered the foundation of the Tarot because they represent the big picture in life. On every Major Arcana card, there is an archetypal figure who illustrates important life lessons and themes – themes that probably play out in your life, too.

It goes without saying that you may feel deeply connected to some cards, while others will resonate less with you. Having an affinity and connection to different Major Arcana cards is a reflection of where you are in your life journey.

To help you understand the hidden wisdom of the Major Arcana cards more deeply, we cover eight Major Arcana cards here. Be sure to check out the other articles, Important Lessons and Life Lessons for a review of all 22 Major Arcana Cards.

Having a better understanding of the lessons and themes in the Major Arcana can enrich your spiritual practice and help you better understand the same themes playing out in your life right now.

The Hanged Man (Number 12)

Drawing the Hanged Man card may be unnerving at first. After all, it seems pretty ominous. However, that is your ego talking. The truth is, the Hanged Man is actually a reminder that when life feels like it’s literally upside down and spinning out of control, the best thing to do is simply surrender and wait it out.

Of course, our ego would rather hop in the ring and join the fight. But stepping back and allowing things to play out is what the Hanged Man invites you to do.

Temperance (Number 14)

Without a doubt, balance is one of the greatest challenges we face in our earthly experience. In our modern lives, we feel this challenge even more so. Between our relationships, careers, personal goals and spiritual growth, it’s hard to cultivate temperance – that delicate mix of moderation and restraint.

We should look at Temperance in the Major Arcana as something boring and disciplinarian. We should see it as a call to live your life artfully. Just as a great pianist must practice her playing to create the perfect balance between her right and left hands, so, too, do we need to cultivate our own system of checks and balances so we experience a life that flows with ease and grace.

The Devil (Number 15)

Like the Hanged Man, the Devil may trigger fear inside you. However, even the Devil is a good reminder that our consciousness has a dark side, too. It can indulge too much in power and be addicted to unchecked impulses.

Our inner demons can be slaves to dependencies, dysfunction and unhealthy relationships – both with people and with things. For this reason, The Devil is the perfect card to follow Temperance. Temperance is exactly what we need to face our demons, and to use our energies in a way that serves our highest good, not to drag us down.

The Tower (Number 16)

How often do we repress our truth, ignore our challenges and ignore dissonances in our life – all because we want to “keep the peace” and avoid conflict? All too often, right? However, this is like a time bomb waiting to explode, as it does here in the Tower.

If you do not face the truth, the truth will face you, one way or another, and the Tower reminds us that it can be messy. Drawing the Tower card is a reminder to face uncomfortable truths, or to ride it out if you’re in the midst of upheaval. This, too, shall pass.

The Moon (Number 18)

The Moon is rich in symbolism and invites us to focus on the subconscious mind and to go inward, rather than to act, or even worse, to react. The Moon is an invitation to reflect on our own limiting beliefs that dominate the subconscious mind. Some may refer to this as “Shadow Work.”

Limiting beliefs are like thick clouds that block the moon’s illuminating light. Our limiting beliefs prevent us from tapping into our imaginations, our intimate emotional world, and our psychic abilities. The Moon is a reminder to let hidden things come to the surface and be seen. The ego may resist this initiative, but it will ultimately free you from the limiting beliefs that have overtaken your subconscious thinking.

The Sun (Number 19)

After spending time in the moonlight, and reflecting on our limiting beliefs and working to change our subconscious programming, it’s time to step into the joyful sunlight. This is the experience waiting for us when we face our demons and dissolve old mindsets of lack and fear. Now that we have removed the clouds and darkness, we can welcome sunlight, and even more importantly, life itself.

The Sun reminds us that life is good and that you – a part of this good life – are also inherently good and whole. This Major Arcana card is an invitation to see the world as a positive and happy place. No, this isn’t wishful thinking. When we ourselves create positivity and joy within, we cannot help but identify these qualities in our surroundings, too. Why? Because they are there. We simply need to learn to see them, and the Sun teaches us how.

Judgement (Number 20)

The Sun provides enlightenment, and this enables us to practice mindful judgement. This Major Arcana card is not a green card to judge and criticize others, however. Instead, it asks us to be brutally honest with ourselves and identify the beliefs, words, and habits that no longer serve us on this earthly journey.

It’s time to live true to yourself and to your divine purpose. What is it that is holding you back and preventing you from doing so? At the crossroads of life, Judgement helps you decide with prudence and peace. It is Judgement that helps you make the perfect adjustments and shifts.

The World (Number 21)

As the last card of the Major Arcana, the World could be interpreted as “The End.” However, try not to think of Tarot as linear. Instead, think of them as moving cyclically. Have we ended, or are we simply starting again?

Drawing this card may indicate that you’ve closed one chapter in your life, but get ready, this isn’t the end of the book. You have another chapter waiting for you. Don’t be surprised if you move through the Major Arcana cards once again. Maybe others will resonate more with you this time around. Or,  maybe you will recognize new wisdom in old favorites.

There is so much the 22 Major Arcana cards can teach us. Each one is a powerful lesson, in and of itself. Yet each one is intricately connected to the others, too. The Major Arcana cards represent the overarching themes that form and shape a lifetime,  where ups and downs, birth and death, struggle and transformation are all inherent parts of every person’s journey.

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Life Lessons from 7 Major Arcana Cards

Western thought has long been dictated by scientific inquiry and skepticism. We generally pride ourselves for being rational and logical. However, despite our adherence to scientific thinking, there is a growing interest in the spiritual – a Force or Energy that we can’t actually codify and analyze.

This rising interest in spirituality may be due to the growing uncertainty of our world and the dissatisfaction we have toward long-standing institutions. They are failing to give us the underpinning we’re desperate for.

Despite the sensible scientific-ness of it all, people are hungry for guidance and encouragement from Someone – or Something – wiser than us. Something that exists beyond the noise of modern life.

This is not to ditch academic research or the incredible advancements that make modern life both convenient and safe. But we are more than just rational, reasonable and sensible beings. We have a soul and a deep need for spiritual connection – a need that often goes unfulfilled.

Enter Tarot and the Major Arcana cards.

Major Arcana cards

The Major Arcana cards are the foundation of Tarot. The figures on these 22 cards aren’t random. They are archetypes who carry our strengths and our weaknesses, our dreams and our fears, and everything in between.

Just as the Major Arcana is the foundation of Tarot, it is the big picture of life, depicting an important step within each of our journeys. This makes them a relevant and powerful tool for personal development and spiritual growth.

When you spend some time with the Major Arcana, you’ll recognize your own story within the deck. Their narratives play out in your own life. But even more importantly, you can gain insight, wisdom, and comfort from these cards.

The Magician (Number 1)

The bestselling author of Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert, teaches that there is no such thing as an uncreative person. Everyone is a creative being, and we all have the power to create. It’s just that some of us use our creative powers and some of us don’t.

This brings us the first Major Arcana, The Magician.

Within every single one of us, there is the great power to create that which our soul is eager to bring into existence. The Magician encourages you to recognize all the tools and resources available to you, both within and surrounding you. You have tremendous power and creative force within. Will you let it shine through?

The Emperor (Number 4)

Whereas the Empress (Number 3) is a deep-feeling and emotionally-connected archetype, the Emperor represents the security and soundness of social frameworks. This is about finding yourself within a structure and playing by the rules. It also means establishing yourself as an authority figure by creating boundaries and honoring them. This card can help you ask where and if you give away your authority.

This is not oppressive, restrictive or limiting. This is about creating plans and following through with them. It’s about learning to live freely while honoring and respecting the rules and individuals around you. This is the wisdom of The Emperor.

The Hierophant (Number 5)

“Hierophant” isn’t a common word these days, but it essentially means someone who interprets and teaches spiritual doctrines.  The Hierophant asks each of us to take a closer look at our values and to question them. Where do they come from? And are they still relevant today?

Oftentimes, we just accept spiritual, intellectual and social paradigms without having any clue why. But are they serving you? Or, are they holding you back? Be your own hierophant and question your status quo. Are you living in alignment with your values and your truth?

Strength (Number 8)

Strength depicts a female figure embracing a lion. What does she represent? No matter where we are in life’s journey, our emotions, feelings, fears, and desires rise to the surface. Depending on our social structures, and even our childhoods, many people do not feel safe expressing their emotions. Instead, we suppress them.

If we have been taught by society that certain beliefs, ideas, and actions are rewarded, we will stifle the beliefs, ideas, and actions that don’t line up. We want to avoid criticism and rejection. We want to be rewarded instead.

But this is not whole-hearted living. Do you have the strength of a lion to allow emotions to surface? Can you be lion-hearted and follow your passions?

Your passions and emotions are not so intimidating as you might think. And facing them and engaging with them is far less scary than burying them in “neatness,” “acceptability” and “status quo.”

The Hermit (Number 9)

The High Priestess (Number 2) is a silent reminder to return to, and listen to, your unwavering intuition. However, the inner landscape is not a place where we tend to spend much time. It takes practice and commitment to silence the noise and take up residence in these quiet places.

Drawing the Hermit shows that it’s time to find your guiding light again. The Hermit refers to your mentor or teacher. And maybe you’ve already found him or her. It can be someone you personally know, like a yoga instructor, a therapist or friend. Or, it can also be a figure you learn from, such as the Dali Lama, Louise Hay, etc.

If you’re not sure how to find your Hermit, ask yourself these questions: Who inspires you? Who uplifts you? Who gives you a sense of peace and reminds you that the world is okay after all? How can you spend more time gleaming from their wisdom?

The Wheel of Fortune (Number 10)

Remember the first card we discussed – the Magician? The Magician is an empowering archetype, reminding us of the powerful creative forces we have at our disposal, along with all the resources that help bring our dreams to fruition. In a beautiful way, the Magician is very me-centered. The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that we are not always in control and that we are a part of a much bigger picture. The Wheel of Fortune touches on karma and cycles of transformation.

In life, patterns sometimes occur that are difficult to analyze and don’t make much sense. This can leave us feeling discouraged, despondent and even bitter and angry.

If your current situation is down, rather than up, The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that life is in constant motion, and that bad times don’t last. What’s more, as long as you find yourself with some “bad” luck, can you open your perspective and find the deeper lessons here? Can you adapt and roll with the punches?

The Wheel of Fortune also reminds us that yes, even good times can pass, too. This isn’t a doom-and-gloom view on life. Instead, it’s about non-attachment. Enjoy the good times and revel in their joy, but don’t become attached to them. The wheel will start turning again, and you want to be free of it once it does.

Justice (Number 11)

If the Wheel of Fortune made you think life is all about what happens to you, Justice sets the record straight. No matter if your wheel is cruising along or stuck in a rut, you don’t have to be a passive bystander. You are an active participant. You always have free will and the ability to take action.

This doesn’t mean we should resist what is and brandish our sword. It doesn’t mean we should fight for the sake of fighting. That will only keep you stuck in the past or trapped in a power struggle.

Instead, Justice reminds us of our own personal responsibility and the importance of being accountable. Justice means taking action for our best interests today.

Justice demands that we be truthful with others, and most importantly, with ourselves. It means holding our sword – as Lady Justice does – and cutting through the lies. It reminds us to acknowledge our thoughts and actions and to never forget how much they matter. They can attract or detract what we want (or don’t want) in life. Justice asks us to tell the truth to ourselves so that what we attract actually serves us and others.

Do you have a favorite Major Arcana card from these seven? Which one resonates the most with you? Get curious and spend some time with it. There may be many magical lessons waiting for you.

For the additional card, explanations read our other articles Important Lessons and More Lessons from the Major Arcana Cards.

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Important Lessons from 7 Major Arcana Tarot Cards

Each of the Major Arcana cards represents an important lesson and archetypal theme. You can easily see them playing out in your own life, too. That makes these cards incredibly relevant, and a powerful source of spiritual wisdom and guidance.

It’s completely natural to feel a close affinity to one card over another. But it’s important to remember that each of the Major Arcana tarot cards has an invaluable gift to offer. By getting to know the deep lessons nestled within each card, you can glean deep insights into your heart and mind.

Major Arcana cards

There are 22 Major Arcana cards and they’re considered the foundation of the Tarot. That’s because the archetypes pictured on each one illustrate our strengths and weaknesses, our dreams and our fears, and everything in between.

Major Arcana should be seen within the context of the big picture and long journey through life. Each card represents an important step in an individual’s personal development. For this reason, Major Arcana lessons can be profound, deep, powerful, provocative and stirring.

The following Major Arcana cards are only seven examples of Major Arcana’s wisdom and relevancy. Which ones resonate with you? Which ones do you think you can learn the most from?

The Fool (Number 0)

The word “fool” typically represents someone foolish or ignorant. But that’s not the lesson to take away from the first, unnumbered Major Arcana card, “The Fool.” Instead, the concept of “fool” is more akin to being childlike in your attitude toward life and all that awaits you.

The fool is curious and carefree. The fool represents new beginnings and fresh starts, which we know can be daunting, in and of themselves. The fool reminds us to bring an open mind and an intrepid spirit to all our new beginnings.

The High Priestess (Number 2)

The world is busy with the opinions, ideas, and thoughts from everyone else. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of the other.  The High Priestess is a timely reminder, inviting us to reflect and listen – not to the content and information broadcasted by everyone else.

Instead, she encourages us to listen to our own quiet, yet unwavering intuition. She asks us to trust own unconscious knowledge. This is often frowned upon as it is not regulated by logic and reason.

However, the symbols, myths, and dreams that inform our unconscious knowledge are exactly what each of us requires to move through life with presence, awareness, and consciousness. This is exactly what the High Priestess models.

The Empress (Number 3)

The Empress feels and feels completely. She is not afraid to engage with her emotions and fully experience this side of life. The Empress asks you to pay attention to life’s pleasures and enjoy them fully, too, whether that’s through beauty, sensuality, abundance, passion or creativity.

What makes you feel most alive? This is what you should engage in. What makes you feel most beautiful? This is what you should do.

The Lovers (Number 6)

The Lovers seem to imply romantic relationships. However, this Major Arcana card both includes romantic love and goes beyond it. For example, The Lovers point to the lessons we may need to learn from other people – not just romantic partners.

Going even further,  The Lovers ask if you’re at odds with yourself. Are you being true to yourself? Are you honoring your boundaries? The Lovers remind you of the important choices you may have to make. By making a decision, or creating a healthy compromise, you can restore balance and dissolve dilemmas.

Chariot (Number 7)

We can’t move in the right direction if we don’t know who we are, what we want and what we need. And unfortunately, even within spiritual literature and guidance, we are often told that who we are doesn’t matter or that what we want is superficial, etc.

In a nutshell, in an attempt to grow in spirituality, many of us have been taught that the ego must die. And to a certain degree, it does need to relinquish its power if we are to live from a place of love, rather than fear.

However, the ego that the Chariot card refers to isn’t the micromanaging, fear-driven ego that we’re told to subdue in most spiritual discussions.

Here, the ego is our instinct and our deep and intrinsic self. Is it intrinsically evil? No, we all have one and we all need one to some degree – and that’s the key. We cannot let the ego overrule us or take over.

So, when you contemplate the Chariot, it’s asking you to check in and see who is the CEO of your life. Is it your fear-based ego, or is it you? Who is calling the shots?

Many times, people fail to live a true and authentic life because their ego is running the show. A well-lived life must be balanced. It is the result of knowing yourself, but not letting one aspect of your personality take over all the others.

Death (Number 13)

Few of us are comfortable with the concept and physical reality of death. Therefore, the Death card isn’t always as welcome as other cards, like The Fool, The Empress, or The High Priestess.

However, Death isn’t about the end of anyone’s earthly life. Instead, death always exists in tandem with birth; just as destruction always precedes creation, and winter before the spring.

Death encourages us to allow what must die to pass and perish so that whatever is awaiting birth can come into being. This may require you to confront your fears, and to change – even though it is painful at times.

What will emerge on the other side may be unknown, but don’t let that scare you. New possibilities are often beyond our imagination and wildest dreams.

The Star (Number 17)

The Star is like a calm after the storm, and fresh air after a heavy downpour. The Star is all about hope, a sense of purpose and faith that the universe is supporting you. If The Star had one mantra, it would be simply this: All is well. Because deep down, it is.

In a world that is fractured and broken, it’s easy to experience discouragement, anxiety, and fear. However, the Star encourages us to hope in the highest good. We can even lose faith in ourselves and feel we don’t have the wherewithal to carry on. However, the Star asks us to love ourselves and believe in our highest potential, too.

The archetype pictured in The Star always holds a basin from which she pours an endless stream of water. Her basin never runs out. When you meditate on The Star, remember that you have everything you need – an endless source of guidance, love, and abundance that will sustain you no matter what challenges you face or how drained you feel.

These are only some of the major life lessons from seven Major Arcana cards. Which ones resonated with you? Did you have a favorite? Follow this curiosity and experience how these lessons and insights can transform you on life’s journey.

For the additional card, explanations read our other articles Life Lessons and More Lessons from the Major Arcana Cards.

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Mindful Ways To Connect With The Earth’s Energy

We are not separate from nature. We are part of it. Yet, our modern day lives are very good at separating us from the earth’s energy. This schism leaves us fractured and disconnected.

Countless people suffer because they’ve lost touch not only with the earth’s energy but also with their own nature and their own inner wisdom and energy.

The earth’s energy is the perfect remedy for this modern-day disconnect. When you open yourself up to receive the earth’s energy, you can restore balance and start a powerful process of self-healing.

The Earth’s Energy and Your Body’s Energy

The earth is always bathing the world in an orderly electromagnetic field, full of rich and dense vibrations. This energy brings healing, harmony, and order to all of the planet’s beings, including you. Earth energy, along with cosmic energy, makes up a lot of the positive energy inside you.

The earth’s electromagnetic field has a normal range of 7.8 Hz, which is also known as the Schumann Resonance. Not only is this the resonance of the earth, but it’s also found in the human body.

The cavity of the human body resonates at 7.8 Hz, and so do our Alpha and Theta brain waves. These brain waves are associated with intuition, inspiration, calmness, and relaxation.

In short, the earth’s natural range of 7.8 Hz matches our own biology, and when we connect with it, it enhances our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Signs You’re Not Connected To The Earth’s Energy

When this free and healing energy is either blocked from entering our bodies, or when you simply don’t have enough of it, it can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, sleep problems, and inflammation.

Here are additional signs that show a disconnect from the earth’s energy. Do any of them sound familiar?

  • Getting distracted easily
  • Constantly overthinking things
  • Always worrying
  • Getting caught up in personal drama
  • Obsessed with getting material things
  • Obsessed with your own image

8 Mindful Ways to Connect With The Earth’s Energy

Show Gratitude

What is your attitude toward the earth? Do you take it for granted? Or, do you shower it with gratitude? Do you have a favorite tree or houseplant? Is there a flower that always catches your eye? Is there a park you like to spend time in? Do you walk along the river, or go swimming in the sea?

These are not just aspects of the earth that you enjoy. These are points of entry where you can show your gratitude to Mother Earth.

Pray To Mother Earth

In his book, Love Letters to Earth, Thich That Hanh writes, “When we look into our own bodily formation, we see Mother Earth inside us, and so the whole universe is inside us, too. Once we have this insight of interbeing, it is possible to have real communication, real communion, with the Earth. This is the highest possible form of prayer.”

Consider praying to our Earth. This doesn’t mean you worship her. Instead, Thich That Hanh invites us to love and take care of her. After all, she provides a safe refuge for us during our earthly existence. And what better energetic being to have an intimate conversation with than Mother Earth?

Eat Seasonal Foods

The earth’s abundance matches our own physical needs. So, in the summer, focus on eating seasonal, fresh foods. In the fall and winter, avoid cooling foods and drinks, which, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, weaken the digestive system and diminish our inner fire.

Instead focus on grounding foods that literally come from the earth, such as root vegetables, and yellow and orange-colored produce. These foods provide the nutrients we need in those specific seasons, and they ground the body, too. Remember, be grateful for the abundance of beautiful food the earth provides.

Take Nature Walks

The American Public Health Association (APHA) released a statement saying, “People of all ages and abilities enjoy higher levels of health and well-being when they have nature nearby in parks, gardens, greenways, naturalized schoolyards and playgrounds, and natural landscaping around homes and workplaces.”

So, make the choice to find these green spaces and enjoy them whenever you can. You can breathe some fresh air, enjoy natural sunlight and even hug a tree. Connecting with another earth being can balance your own energy field.

What if you can’t get outside? And what if you work in a cubicle all day? You can gaze on a picture of nature and meditate upon it. Or, you can close your eyes and imagine your favorite natural landscape. Maybe it’s a snow-capped mountain. Perhaps it’s a lazy river going with the flow. Whatever you imagine, just breath deeply and be present with your visualization.

What do you hear? What do you see? This is a powerful way to connect with the earth’s energy, too.

Watch Wild Life

You don’t have to be a zoo biologist to observe wildlife. As  Eckhart Tolle writes in Stillness Speaks, “Look at a tree, a flower, a plant. Let your awareness rest upon it…how still they are, how deeply rooted in Being.”

Watching how other beings live and behave can be inspirational, funny and enlightening. It can also be a wonderful way to practice mindfulness and stillness, too.

Grounding, or Earthing

When you practicing grounding, you come into direct contact with the earth’s electromagnetic field. When you receive it, you can obtain some pretty amazing benefits.

Research shows that grounding can reduce stress and pain, and improve sleep. Connecting to the earth’s energy has also been associated with boosting the immunity, lowering inflammation and helping address autoimmune diseases.

And along with these physical benefits, there are also plenty of emotional and spiritual benefits. So, go barefoot, go swimming in the ocean or lake, or use an earthing mat to connect with the earth’s energy.

Practice Grounding Yoga Poses

There are many grounding yoga poses that start with you “rooting” your feet into the ground and drawing energy up from the earth.

This alone helps to quiet the busy mind and encourage the unobstructed flow of Qi throughout your entire self – mind, body, and spirit.

When you stay “rooted” and “grounded” in balancing postures, you rely on the stability and security of the earth, too. It’s a powerful experience. So, give Tree Pose, Dancer Pose, Warrior III, and Half Moon pose a try. An even simpler, yet equally grounding pose is the simple mountain pose.

Practice Grounding Meditation

In his powerful little book, Chakras for Beginners, David Pond suggests a grounding meditation that focuses on the concept of roots. He says:

“Imagine a grounding cord that runs from your spine deep into the earth. Imagine in your mind’s eye any excessive mental energy running down your spine and dissipating through the grounding cord into the earth.

Imagine the grounding cord growing roots, like giant trees. Picture the tops of your grounding cord intermingling with the lots of the giant trees. Now, imagine that you can draw energy up from the earth through your grounding cord. Picture the same centered strength of the trees being accessible to you, too.”

It’s an amazing and comforting thought, but it’s also a beautiful reality when you practice this grounding meditation.

Star Gazing

Transcend space and time by looking into outer space. People have been doing this for millions of years, and connecting with something higher and bigger than them: the earth’s energy.

Stargazing is a wonderful time to meditate upon the stars. Or, to simply be in awe of the sheer breadth and depth of the magnificent world above us.

But even more importantly, star gazing allows us to remember our interconnectedness. As above, so below. Celestial beings are not just “up there” for our viewing pleasure. We are connected with them, too.

So, the next time you have a cloud-free evening, step outside and behold the stars, always remembering the one you’re standing on, too.

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How to Use Tarot to Heal Your Body

Both spiritual teachers and modern science confirm the mind-body connection. Thanks to this powerful interaction between the body and mind, we can use energetic tools to heal dis-ease and discomfort in the body. Tarot is one such tool you can use to start healing the body – all by addressing your mind.

Western thought has done an excellent job dissecting the human body. With just one look at the sciences, we see that the human body is made up of many separate systems and parts – all coming together to make the human body. But this is all a bit misleading.

Yes, there are definitely different systems and parts in the physical body, but they don’t exist in a vacuum. They are intricately connected.

Health experts and spiritual teachers are now teaching that there are powerful connections between what happens in the mind and what happens in the body. What’s more, your emotions, spiritual beliefs and behaviors impact your physical self.

The body and mind always talk to each other

Medical doctor and alternative medicine expert, Deepak Chopra writes, “Different mental states can positively or negatively affect biological functioning. This occurs since the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems share a common chemical language, which allows constant communication between the mind and body through messengers like hormones and neurotransmitters.”

In short, there is constant communication between the mind and body. Our mental activity might start in the mind, but it doesn’t stop there. We can’t keep our thoughts, beliefs or emotions a secret. Our body hears every single one, and our physiological state is directly influenced by them.

Thought vibrations change cells behavior

In addition to the intricate communication happening throughout the body, research shows that our thoughts and emotions have specific vibration frequencies. These vibrations create waves that alter cellular structures. In this way, thought vibrations can actually influence your overall physiological state.

This study, for example, shows that our thoughts, words, and emotions alter the structure of water crystals. Whenever the structure of a cell is changed, the function can change, too. In fact, this study showed that water can store either health-causing or disease-causing frequencies. Now, consider that up to 60 percent of the adult body is water.

If we have positive and loving mental and emotional activity, the cells can vibrate in a more health-supporting way. If not, we can actually alter our DNA, as additional research has demonstrated.

Emotions always show up in the body

When we feel emotions, they show up in the physical body. This is something you’re probably familiar with. When you feel stressed, you may feel tense or experience headaches. What about nervousness? That often shows up as butterflies in the stomach.

Research also shows that if we repress our emotions, we’re more likely to disrupt the main stress hormone, cortisol, and throw it out of balance. This chronic imbalance in cortisol can lead to hormonal and immunologic problems later on.

So, we can either feel emotions in the body at the moment we’re feeling them. Or, we can repress them and “not” feel them, but they don’t go away. Instead, they move to an area of their body, where they can create dis-ease, an inspirational teacher, Louise Hay, has taught.

Yes, disease and illness manifest in the physical body, but they’re not random. They don’t just happen. Disease and illness are actually representations of our deep, emotional and energetic state. And they directly correspond to an unresolved emotion.

From this point of view, the root of the problem is an energetic disruption, and in order to initiate healing, we have to go to the root of the problem: energy.

This is amazing news because it means we are not victims of what happens to us. We have the ability to change our energetic state and influence our physical bodies.

This brings us to tarot.

How tarot supports physical healing

Tarot is a powerful tool that allows us to read energy. It does this by prompting us to reflect on our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. Then, we’re encouraged to ask questions about our mind’s activity – questions we might have never asked before. Or, things we’ve been ignoring or suppressing.

With the help of tarot, we can uncover our energy, and come to understand why we have a physical problem.

For example, tarot can illuminate an energetic pattern you’re continually creating and stuck in. Subsequently, you create physical pain, too. Tarot can help explain the energetic root cause of the physical problem. And your physical state can mirror what the tarot reading reveals.

Remember, tarot isn’t a diagnosis, and it isn’t going to heal your body for you. Instead, it brings to your attention your energetic patterns. This is powerful information because when you know your own energy, you can take responsibility for it, and release stuck energy with love and compassion.

How to use tarot to heal the body

You can use tarot to start the healing process. One way to do so is to meet with a tarot reader who can help you explore your present energetic state. By considering her reading, you can deepen your understanding of your own thoughts and beliefs. How might they be influencing your current mind-body connection?

You can also use tarot on your own. Spread the cards facing up, and consider them. Then, choose the card that resonates with you the most. Explore the meaning of the card, and ask yourself how it relates to your current life situation.

Another method is to shuffle the cards and spread them facing down. Allow your inner wisdom to choose the card for you. Why do you think the Universe gifted you this particular card?

Whether you choose the card with knowing intention, or whether your intuition chose it for you, spend time meditating on it. Is it suggesting that you make changes in your life?

If you draw a card from the Major Arcana, it may indicate that you need to surrender to change. Or, perhaps you need to go with the flow into a new phase or chapter of your life. This could apply to relationships, both with yourself and others, or it could relate to your career or life situation.

For example, a Minor Arcana card represents the feelings, thoughts, and beliefs we hold deep within the mind. For example, the Wands encompass creative energy. The Cups correspond to trust. Pentacles represent living a spiritual life in a material world. And finally, the Swords help us identify the truth in our thoughts and experiences.

If you draw one of these Minor Arcana cards, which thought or belief is it highlighting for you? How can you pay attention to it and bring healing to yourself?

Finally, the Court Cards refer to relationships we need to learn from and maybe even move on from. But they can also highlight an aspect of our own selves that we need to attend to.

If you’re not sure what your tarot card is telling you, get curious and ask your intuition for guidance.

These mental, emotional and spiritual areas of our life might seem like a far cry from our physical selves. But we know that’s not the case. The mind-body connection is always communicating. This can lead to either energetic harmony or imbalance.

To help you figure out which energy is out of balance, and even contributing to your physical state, consider using tarot. It can be a powerful tool to gently and subtly point out your energetic state.

When you listen to what tarot is saying about your energy, you can start adjusting your beliefs and thoughts. This way you can create health-supporting energy rather than energy that leads to dis-ease.

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How to Create Greater Alignment with Yourself and Others with Lavender Gems

Alignment. It’s the spiritual version of having all your ducks in a row. And it feels great: you feel alive, energized and centered. But for many individuals, alignment isn’t a regular experience, and this can negatively impact how you feel, think and interact with others. Something’s always “off.”

There are many energetic ways to change this, and using lavender gems is a gentle, yet powerful practice to help you create greater alignment. Here’s why.

What does it mean to be in alignment?

We all have a special calling. It’s something meant just for you. It’s like having a homework assignment  – except it never feels like homework. It feels energizing.

That’s because when you’re in alignment, your actions and thoughts line up with this inner calling, working together to create an authentic life. But when we live out of alignment, life begins to feel like homework and one tiring, feet-dragging experience.

Why is it difficult to be in alignment with yourself?

In today’s modern world, alignment is challenging. There’s so much pressure to meet lots of different expectations. It’s all very distracting, and instead of focusing on who we are, and what we’re called to do, we make desperate attempts to be like everyone else.

Another reason why alignment is so challenging is that we get stuck in limiting beliefs. And until we heal and release them, it’s hard to live in alignment.

Because this misalignment occurs gradually, it’s hard to notice it. However, when you’re out of alignment, there are some pretty telling signs.

11 signs you’re out of alignment

We humans are very good at adapting – even to pain and discomfort. Therefore, we can live out of alignment for a long time and never even realize it. Do any of these signs sound familiar to you?

If so, there’s a good chance you’re not living in alignment with your true self.

  1. You have a nagging feeling that something’s off
  2. You feel limited, unfulfilled and disconnected
  3. You feel like your past mistakes are what’s holding you back
  4. You don’t have much – or any – direction
  5. You know you’re not living according to your true purpose
  6. You feel like you have stagnant energy inside
  7. You feel fatigued
  8. You experience irregular breathing because of anxiety, anger or stress
  9. You struggle to concentrate because your mind is scattered and distracted
  10. You feel sad or even depressed, especially because you believe you’ve lost something
  11. You feel irritable toward other people

These contrasting feelings are very uncomfortable and as strange as it sounds, that’s a good thing. That’s because your inner wisdom isn’t giving up on you. It wants you to know that you’re out of alignment.

Knowing this wisdom is power. When you know you’re out of alignment, you can take steps to replace disconnection with the connection, dissatisfaction with content, and fatigue with new vim and vigor. That’s where lavender gems come in.

The power of lavender gems for alignment

Lavender(violet) is the color of the crown chakra – your center for deeper connection, not only with the greater Life Force but also with yourself. And lavender is especially indicated for understanding yourself better.

Because lavender helps you become more self-aware, it also helps you to move through life with greater certainty and centeredness.

Lavender gems are multidimensional

Along with aquamarine, citrine, and quartz, lavender gems offer multi-dimensional healing. This means lavender gems are versatile multitaskers that can profoundly influence many areas of your life experience.

Not only can they boost your emotional, mental and spiritual health, but they can also bring more balance and harmony into your life.

Another way lavender supports alignment is by helping you develop greater flexibility and creativity – exactly what you need to get out of a rut, recognize your true self, and live a more authentic life.

4 ways to use lavender gems for greater alignment

Gemstones may be cute and trendy, but they’re powerful conduits for healing. So, it’s always a good idea to approach them with both respect and gratitude. It’s also important to use them correctly so they can support your healing.

Here are four ways to use lavender gems to get back into alignment and be your most authentic self again – or maybe for the first time.

  • Wear lavender gems around your neck

A lavender gem necklace is anything but jewelry. Instead, it’s a powerful tool that quietly works with you, both day and night. If you prefer not to wear it while you sleep, place it near your body. This way, you can still connect to the healing energy of the lavender gems, and deepen your connection with yourself.

  • Wear a lavender gem tisrati

If you need mental clarity, and you’re struggling with both an overactive mind and an unsettled emotional body, a lavender gem tisrati is a powerful tool, too.

If you have a lavender necklace, place it on your head like a crown. This practice helps to increase awareness and support greater alignment.

  • Single gem crown chakra

Even if you don’t have a lavender necklace, you can still use this powerful gemstone. One simple practice is to lie down in the resting yoga pose, Savasana.

While resting, place the lavender gem above your head. Then, picture a white light enveloping you while you meditate on your connection with your innermost self and the Higher Power (or however you identify with the Divine).

  • Lavender clusters

When our living space is messy and full of clutter, it’s hard to think straight. So, you can only imagine how hard it is to experience mental clarity, connection, and insight when the mind is cluttered with negative energy like worry, fear, anger, anxiety and more.

Lavender has the ability to purify and transmute this negative energy. One way you can do that is to create a lavender cluster in your room to neutralize this energy and balance your living space again. It’s like giving your physical space a spiritual tidy up.

Living out of alignment is discouraging, disheartening and tiring. It puts you at odds with yourself and with others. Using lavender gems can gently increase your self-awareness and self-understanding, and help you to create greater alignment.

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9 Female Goddesses to Inspire You to be a Powerful and Loving Woman

For thousands of years, people have turned to mythological and spiritual figures for inspiration and guidance. And even though we are modern people living in the 21st century, the magic and beauty of goddesses is still alluring, uplifting and sometimes even life-changing.

If you’re searching for powerful women to inspire you, here are nine amazing goddesses who provide powerful feminine energy to those who ask. Click on each of their names for an image of the Goddess.


Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt and moon. So, Artemis is often depicted carrying a bow and arrow, with a crescent moon resting on her head. If you’re searching for something in life, Artemis can help you stay true to your goals and reach them.

But Artemis is so much more than a huntress. She’s also the guardian of the forests, wild places, and women. She can help you navigate even your wildest dreams. After all, she knows the wilderness well.


Bast is an Egyptian goddess who is usually depicted as a cat, or as a woman with a cat’s head. And while women turn to Bast for many things, she is especially revered as a fertility goddess.

In ancient times, women suffering from fertility problems made offerings to Bast. If you have an affinity for cats and also want to focus on your fertility, Bast may be a good goddess to turn to.


Gaia is either the personification of the earth itself or the goddess of the earth. According to Greek mythology, Gaia gave birth to all the gods. And with Gaia, you can see the earth as a nurturing and providing mother instead of an object to exploit.

That’s because Gaia is Mother Earth. Seeing life this way can also help you feel safe, protected and cared for. What’s more, you can draw on Gaia’s strength to tap into your own maternal energy.


Gracing Norse mythology, Freya is the goddess of love, beauty, sex, and fertility. But what makes Freya special is that she encourages a deep sense of self-awareness in women.

She especially wants you to see the beauty in all things, especially yourself. So, for women who struggle to accept and love themselves, Freya can be both gentle and powerful in guiding them to see their own worth again.


You’re probably familiar with the Biblical couple, Adam and Eve. But here, we’re talking about Idun and Eve – two women whose story revolves around a special fruit-bearing tree.

Eve ate the forbidden fruit and got cast out of the Garden of Eden. Idun also had a powerful fruit-bearing tree, which offered immortality to those who indulged, and tradition says Idun shared these special fruits with others.

Aging is inevitable, but Idun reminds us that we can retain a youthful spirit and experience fresh renewal anytime. Maybe we just need to trade the mythical apples for Vitamin C-infused oranges and face creams.


Lakshmi is a Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity, which is why you may see her with gold coins falling from her fingertips. But Lakshmi isn’t just the goddess of financial and material wealth. She also represents spiritual abundance. Therefore, she’s a wonderful goddess to turn to when you want to overcome scarcity mindset and replace it with a more abundant and grateful spirit.


This Germanic spring goddess represents the gentle dawn and fresh beginnings. In fact, her name and symbols, such as eggs and rabbits, were adapted into the Christian feast of Easter. For those women who need support to make it through a dark and difficult time, or for people who need to start over, Ostara can lead the way to where the light and new life is.


Parvarti is one of the many forms of the Hindu deity, Shakti, who represents the feminine energy, infusing all life.

The story of Parvarti is amusing and endearing. This determined and devoted goddess tried many tactics to win Shiva’s love. She even turned to solitude and self-mastery to win him over. Thanks to her steadfast love and devotion, Parvarti eventually earned Shiva’s love and helped him take pleasure in life again.

Therefore, Parvarti can be a wonderful mentor for when we’re having trouble opening ourselves up to the pleasures of life. She can also encourage us to continue to choose love even when it’s not always reciprocated, and when we’re not always rewarded for our efforts.

What’s more, Parvarti reminds us that it takes lots of love and devotion to embark on any spiritual journey and that it may take time for us to reap the rewards of our efforts. But like Parvarti, we can be patient and steadfast, too.


Last, but certainly not least, this famous goddess needs little introduction. She has been depicted countless times over the centuries, and for good reason. This Greek goddess represents love and beauty. In fact, in Greek mythology, other gods thought her beauty could start wars and rivalries between her many admirers.

So, if you want to be more desirable and attractive, invoke Aphrodite. It’s a good way to own your beauty and sexuality with greater confidence.

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