Are They Right for Me?

Written by Ambers Light

Relationships, the magical words are to love and to be loved.  If only it was as simple as it sounds but of course there are all sorts of complications that can come into play. While some relationships go smoothly and seem to move along without a hitch, others have bumps, curves and all sorts of drama that takes place.

Some feel that there should always be this understanding of what another thinks or feels and forgets to communicate.  That slows down the progress of the relationship and actually can leave one behind. Others just flat out don’t know how to share their inner emotions and then it creates this gap between the partners. The confusion begins when we don’t know what the other is feeling and of course the questions are “what do they feel” and “are they right for me”.

Relationships the magical words to loveIt is important to remember that we are all individuals. Others are not always going to respond as we would or be as secure within themselves to communicate their emotions. Some want to rush the relationship not realizing that they really don’t know the individual. There has been no foundation built upon and this leads to a lot of cracks for the relationship from the start. Perhaps it is “Love at first sight” and that energy is flying high with this person!

It still has to have some time in order to cultivate the relationship, allow it to progress in a natural and positive way. We have known them one or two months so it’s good to go and a commitment should evolve?  It truly depends on the individuals and again just how much do you know about each other? The time that is spent with each other is awesome and that is truly a blessing to have someone that special to share with. Do you want to put the stops on a potentially awesome relationship by giving an ultimatum after two months? Think it through don’t let the emotions be the lead on this all the time. Balance both.

They are right for you when you feel that compassion and see that you balance one another. Trust in what you have for each other and know that you are there to support and be there for one another. You don’t have to ask if they are right for you as you will know its right… Yes indeed, you may have a question here and there or feel a bit insecure, that is all a part of the growth in a relationship and we do have those fears. Face those fears and ask yourself is this really something within ourselves, an insecurity we have never faced up to?

Once we take the responsibility for what is going on with us then the doors will open up wider in order to help the relationships grow and become even healthier! This works for both individuals, this is not a one sided street and at times we will need to mentor and have the patience to allow for those we love to get it. Bottom line, they are right for you when you have no doubt in your heart, trust to the fullest and know you can have that equal in the relationship to be the person you are to the fullest.  The most important thing in any relationship is to allow for the steps … naturally and in a positive way!

Ambers Light

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