Why do we find it so difficult to see our own beauty?

Looking over several articles from magazines all written within the last 5 years I found the following titles;

  • Sad proof that most woman don’t think they are beautiful
  • Shocking body image news
  • Most woman don’t feel beautiful
  • Only 2 % of woman describe themselves as beautiful

Over the years I have met some women that are very confident and good with their bodies.  However, they were not just born feeling that way I think it took a lot of work to get there.

Watch these two short videos (3 min each) and ask yourself the following;

  •  Which door would I pick if no one was watching?
  •  Which door would I pick if others were watching?
  •  Do I truly BELIEVE with all my heart that the door I picked reflects me?
  •  How would I describe myself to a stranger?
    • The shape of my eyes, my chin, my nose?
    • The size of my face?
    • Am I happy, do I smile?
    • Color, length and texture of my hair?
  • How would someone I just met answer the above questions about me?



I don’t know about you but for me both of these videos really made me stop and think about myself and ask this question ‘do I fully believe with every core of my being that I am beautiful?’

I think a lot of feeling beautiful is really about getting to a place of self love and that is something all woman struggle with rather we believe it or not.  I believe we are all beautiful, created perfectly just as we are and we need to believe it and live it every second of every day.  Rather we realize it or not we are unintentionally passing our insecurities down to our children.  They pay attention far more than we may think they are.  Some of them can actually help us with our own insecurities.  Here is another video that shows what our daughters pick up from us and what we might learn from them if we give them a chance.

I encourage all of us to really search within our self to know every aspect on a deep level so we can understand our self better both physically and emotionally then make changes to our thought process as we choose.  This of course takes time (a lot of time), effort and work.  Which, as woman we struggle with because we often put our stuff on hold so we can meet the needs of everyone else first.    We need to start making our self a priority so schedule your name in your calendar each day for even just a few minutes and start really getting to know and love yourself.

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