Wondering what the year ahead may look like for you based on your astrological sign? Well you are in luck because White Lotus Tarot brings you just that, an overview Tarot reading for the New Year of 2015.  Watch the video for all 12 signs or just your own and get some insight to the year ahead.

The video starts with Pisces so to skip to another astrological sign, click on the lines in the upper left corner of the video screen to the left of the word ‘playlist’ and use the scroll bar to the right to find your sign.  Or enjoy listening to all 12 signs to get insight for your family and friends as well.



Angelique is an Intuitive Psychic. She’s been coaching and helping friends, family, and clients for several years and has been told that her tarot coaching sessions are full of lightness, hope, and “down to earth” guidance.  Click here to learn more about Angelique.

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