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Written by Ambers Light

Empathic energy is a word that a lot of us don’t understand or care to understand.  Believe it or not, we all have this wonderful gift in one form or another!  It takes honing and the understanding of this energy as well as patience and time.  I was very young when different events occurred scaring the heck out of me. I didn’t understand at the time how to use this gift let alone or much less understand what was going on.

This is not reading someone’s mind; this is touching on the energies that are all around us.  We are surrounded by many different forms of energies and if one focuses on a particular energy, it’s amazing what can be felt or actually seen in this energy.  The more open we are to the energy the stronger our own sensitivity is to energy.

Each of us has our own way of working with the gifts given to us so personally I work with it in the way that is best for me and what I feel is an asset to the situations … There is negative energy as well as the positive, that is a given.  It is very important that the negative is shifted so as to not drag down or stifle the positive energy that is flowing.  That can be a challenge and it is important to recognize what can hinder a person when it does come to the negative energy flow out there.

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A person that is empathic can actually sense another’s emotions or physical well being. If someone is feeling unhappy but hides it from the world that is something that can be felt. Their energy cannot hide the sadness that is going on with this person.  That is a very difficult emotion to work with as you can actually feel this and it makes one extremely sad.  So while it’s a fantastic gift it’s amazing how you can feel the various emotions in a person or even an animal.

This is something that should be taken slow and steady in learning your own empathic ability and not rushed.   The first thing is to learn to trust that inner voice and not have doubt in what you are feeling.  So it does take that time to learn what we are about and then accepting that gift that has been given to us!

Ambers Light

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