Shine On

It can be easy for us to forget to shine our light out to others in the world.  We must always remember no matter how bleak things may seem for us that we are light and have a unique set of gifts to shine out to the world and share with others.  When you’re stressed and feeling down here are some things that may help you to remember to SHINE ON!

  1. Read positive articles that help you reflect.
  2. Look around and find 10 things you are grateful in this very moment.
  3. Learn a new perspective on something.
  4. Check out some positive videos with spiritual leaders.
  5. Take a couple minutes and meditate … or take longer.
  6. Be mindful in the moment.
    • How is your body feeling?
    • How does it feel in your chair?
    • Are you relaxed or tense?
    • Are you breathing shallow or taking deep breaths?
    • Check out these different apps and download one on your computer or phone to help you remember to be mindful throughout the day.
  7. Call on your angels and guides for assistance. Remember, your angels and guides are always with you, but you do have to ask for their help.

Remember to always SHINE ON!

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