The Madness of Our World

The Madness of Our World Written by Ambers Light Do you feel that at times the world has gone totally off the grid? Every corner we turn it seems to be nothing but a negative thrown at us.  That does become a major frustration after months of this scene being replayed!  So after months of this continuous action we become drained, angry, deflated in every way.  We just give up!  Whew, that little paragraph alone is enough to make a person depressed! So how do we pick ourselves up when all this seems to have no ending in sight?  We can go the [...]

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Our Empathic Energy

Our Empathic Energy Written by Ambers Light Empathic energy is a word that a lot of us don't understand or care to understand.  Believe it or not, we all have this wonderful gift in one form or another!  It takes honing and the understanding of this energy as well as patience and time.  I was very young when different events occurred scaring the heck out of me. I didn't understand at the time how to use this gift let alone or much less understand what was going on. This is not reading someone's mind; this is touching on the energies that are all around us.  We are surrounded [...]

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