Cut the Chords of Past and Present Pain with Your Healing Angels

Let your loving Angels be with you as Doreen Virtue with Hay House guides you in this meditation of cutting chords from your past and present pain. Inhale... Exhale.... Feel the tension float away.... Inhale... Exhale.... Accept this healing from the Angels! https://youtu.be/5EPXjHefnDE Take the Next Step... Get a LIVE READING Right Now -> Free Minutes! (Remember, you get Free Minutes on your first reading.)

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Sound Meditation for Manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer

  A 20 minute meditation with Dr. Wayne Dyer to help you manifest rather it's being healed, exercising, a relationship or career change.  Use once per day and visual what you want to manifest during the meditation and see the changes.   https://youtu.be/gwBFI4sGsLg   Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan Wayne Dyer has written over 40 books, half of which are best sellers. He's appeared on TV and raised millions for public television. Learn more about Wayne here.   Feeling Stuck then take the next step and get advice to make sure you are on track and living the life you [...]

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