Thought Creates Reality…

I know a lot of us are aware about the law of attraction and some have it perfected in their life.  I know a lot of us have taken courses or ordered tapes on this very subject and they are great but then we quit doing it and life, well, goes right back to normal.  I have always believed it is more than just words when we want to manifest things in our life.  We have to truly believe with every cell in our being not just think and say it (although that helps).  The video below by YouAreCreators2 does a great [...]

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Assisting in Your Own Healing by Louise Hay

Assisting in Your Own Healing Audio book by Louise Hay.  We are the one in charge of our life.  She discusses truly loving ourselves and becoming aware of our negative patterns.  She says "No negative condition can remain in our lives when we truly love and accept ourselves.  I believe it is our birth rite to be totally healthy and totally fulfilled in every area of our lives.  Let us claim and accept that birth rite right now!" "Think of what happens when we yell and scream at a tiny child, all the joy goes out of their life. If we [...]

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