Focus Card: Page or Princess of Swords

Swords-Air-PrincessofSwords-ThothTarotDivinatory meaning
Upright – A good personal emissary, although sometimes a card associated with spying or surveying others from a detached viewpoint. A person of grace and dexterity, diplomatic and skilled in the ability to work out the true nature of things. A person who can negotiate expertly on behalf of his peers. Detachment is one of the true qualities of this figure.

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Reversed Meaning of the Tarot Card

Ill Dignified or Reversed – A two faced, cunning and possibly vindictive person, with an inability to grasp the nettle. A seeker of hidden weaknesses in enemies, devious and given to snooping in other people’s affairs. May be an indication of unforeseen events, ill health, or plans being overtaken by events.


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