Written by Ambers Light

This is a topic that many have their own belief on. What is a soul mate? How do I know if they are my soul mate? If you have to ask you may be unsure of the relationship, therefore it may be time to step back and re-evaluate the relationship.

Are you comfortable with one another? Does it have a natural flow?  Do you seem to know what the other may be thinking or doing? Basically are you on the same page? The energy between you goes unspoken and even strangers notice that there is something between you that is truly awesome! It’s a given and you just know. It’s like you balance one another perfectly.

SOULMATE  COPNNECTIONThere is this calm within us that gives a secure feeling in our relationship with our soul mate. There isn’t this need to check their every move and this allows for one another to be individuals. That is not to say that it’s all roses and there will not be bumps along the way! At times it can become very difficult and disagreements will come about.

The bottom line is at the end of the day we are on the same page. So now, that really makes it a bit confusing when we are unsure if they are our soul mate. To fight or not to fight and yes all or most relationships will have disagreements that is a part of our own growth. That is still being an individual with our own thought process.

We will have relationships with people that are meant to be on our path at that given time. The lessons we gain and use to enhance that one special relationship is priceless. Soul mates come to us for many reasons and my belief is that each one has something special to offer us or we have to offer them at that time in our life.

Ambers Light

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