I know a lot of us are aware about the law of attraction and some have it perfected in their life.  I know a lot of us have taken courses or ordered tapes on this very subject and they are great but then we quit doing it and life, well, goes right back to normal.  I have always believed it is more than just words when we want to manifest things in our life.  We have to truly believe with every cell in our being not just think and say it (although that helps).  The video below by YouAreCreators2 does a great job explaining our thoughts and how they create our reality better than any other I have run across so far.  He also refers to us doing something for a bit then going right back to our comfort zone. So I ask you how bad do you really want to manifest something into your life?  If we want it bad enough we have to put the time in and do the work, Ugh the dreaded word …work.  Yes it takes work and that work is on our self which takes time.

Everyone who is successful puts in the time to make changes within and they do so consistently. Jack Canfield talks about his personal routine in his success principles that we posted last month, if you missed it click here ==> Jack Canfield Video.  It doesn’t have to take a lot of time as you’ll hear in the short video below and here is another article  on simple ways to help stay mindful through out your day.  All these things help. Enjoy the video, practice daily and start manifesting!

Blessings to you,  Tarot Guardian



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