Originating from ancient Indian religions, a chakra is a point of focused energy in the body through which energy flows. Traditional medicine practitioners believe that our health and well-being is directly related to this energy flow. When energy is blocked in one or more chakras, we become susceptible to disease and illness, which is why it’s important to keep this energy flowing at all times.

The term “chakra” translates into “wheel” or “disk,” which is essentially how they are characterized. Chakras work by constantly spinning, allowing energy to pass and flow freely through the body. There are times, however, when energy will become blocked at a chakra, resulting in both physical and psychological symptoms. Blocked energy may cause high blood pressure, anxiety, pain, inflammation, nausea, headaches, and much more.

There are a total of 7 chakras that are currently recognized with this practice:

  • Root – found at the base of spine, the root chakra is associated with financial wealth, sustenance, and survivability.
  • Solar Plexus – found in the upper stomach, the solar plexus chakra is linked to confidence and self-esteem.
  • Sacral – the sacral chakra is found in the lower stomach and has been linked to sensuality.
  • Heart – as the name suggests, the heart chakra is found in the chest, near the heart. It is associated with romance and relationships.
  • Throat – the throat chakra is found on the throat. It is associated with speech, communication and expression of one’s true self.
  • Third-Eye – located between the eyes and slightly above, the third-eye chakra is associated with intelligence and wisdom.
  • Crown – last but not least, the crown chakra is found at the top of scalp. It has been linked to beauty and spirituality.

understanding 7 chakras

Depending on the philosophy of any given school of thought, there are other important chakras as well as different methods for healing and balancing the energy within. Each practitioner may have his or her own unique methods of healing and balancing the chakras, which may include physical exercise, aromatherapy, color therapy, chakra meditation, music, visualization, affirmation, crystal healing, Reiki or one of the many other energetic healing methods.

Regardless of the precise method used, however, the general consensus is that there are seven main chakras in the human body. Understanding each of these chakras is essential to treating a person’s condition. If someone has low-esteem, for instance, a practitioner may recommend targeting the solar plexus chakra. This can be done through a combination of diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Since yellow is the color associated with the solar plexus chakra, wearing yellow clothing or including yellow objects in your environment can help aid in healing. Even eating yellow foods, such as corn and squash, have been shown to stimulate this chakra, offering relief of problems associated with self-esteem and confidence.

Photo Credit: Scott Leslie

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