I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing Jackie Chin’s debut launching of her eBook “Extraordinary Hands-International Palmist On A Cruise”. It is indeed a very rare and fascinating book, first time ever in the history of palmistry literature, to be written in an exciting narrative manner.

Having read the hands of more than 40,000 people from all over the world for the last 15 years, Malaysian born Jackie Chin broke away from traditional ways of working and found herself sailing past exotic waters on cruise ships that plyed on the Asia-Austral regions.

Taking human complexities and challenges to a new level of insight and understanding through the lens of the human hand, Jackie has successfully allowed us to see how palmistry can be translated into an innovative and creative style in light of contemporary times.

Not only did she stumbled upon extraordinary and sensational true stories told by ordinary people, based on her findings on their hands, she also discovered that these so-called ordinary people do possess extraordinary qualities, ingenuity, strength and power to overcome the various challenging and trying situations in their most unique ways.

This ebook is not only for those who wish to have a better understanding of themselves. As Andrew Fitzherbert, a world renown palmist says, this book is for 3 types of readers:

1. The man and woman in the street.
2. People with ‘just a bit’ of interest in palmistry.
3. Experienced palmists and enthusiasts who see the book as a very pleasant read.

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Does Jackie Chin’s ‘Extraordinary Hands’ reflect a true & genuine construction of real-life people’s fascinating & enthralling experiences?
Do The Lines On Your Hands Reveal Secrets To Your Success?







This EBook ‘Extraordinary Hands was written as a result of countless years of ploughing through the fields of human experiences, acknowledging and witnessing true life encounters of passengers onboard cruise liners where I worked for the last 15 years.

Truly and safely, I can say that I have had the privilege of ‘reading’ the hands of more than 40,000 people who came from nations covering across the globe and others from far corners of the world.

“Extraordinary Hands” is a unique EBook that steers away from the normal format of a palmistry book, providing a very interesting insight into how palmistry works, through the amazing stories of incredible hands


1. ‘Extraordinary Hands’ consists of 205 pages of narratives.
2. 10 interesting chapters, preceded by an anecdote.
3. Q&A section comprising 30 topics.
4. 70 most up-to-date handprints.

• The harrowing drama of a farmer who was pinned under a 5000 pound overturned tractor, suffered traumatic brain injuries, had his heart stopped several times and yet he survived!
• The case of a petite lady working more than 100 hours per week for the past 7 years and still going strong!
• A strange account of a terminally ill patient defying doctors’ predictions and continuing to live a longer life…..
• An intriguing situation of a man who had 100 birdshots on his body and got away with it!
• A resilient lady enduring more than 20 major operations involving the brain, heart and spine.
• A man who was drown, experienced death and came back alive!


‘I thoroughly enjoyed reading Jackie Chin’s “EXTRAORDINARY HANDS”. This book is a collection of stories from Jackie’s experiences as a palmist. It is aimed at 3 types of readers:

1. The man and woman in the street
2. People with “just a bit” of interest in palmistry
3. Experienced palmists who will see this as a very ‘pleasant read’

The handprints are well illustrated and she certainly has some rare collections of unusual prints behind the book which deserved further investigation. Even though this is a very simple book, it has a bit of a “more serious stuff” in it.

I read every palmistry book, but I do not think I have enjoyed one as much as I enjoyed this one. It is fun to read! It is pleasant, entertaining and a readable book. Few books achieve all this. And because I am interested in the whole field of palmists and palmistry books, I know there is none as good as this one for entertainment. Jackie has done this light book very well. I would personally put this book under my favourite palmistry book collection’.