Free Tarot Card Readings Online was acquired by Angel Messenger in early 2013.  Rev. Sheri and her husband (owners of Angel Messenger) have been slowly making changes to the site over the past year.  However, the Free Online Tarot Card Readings on the original website used the Rider Waite deck which is a fairly off-putting deck of Tarot cards, so Rev. Sheri envisioned a complete overhaul of the Free Tarot Readings section of this site.

With our unveiling on January 1st, 2014, the Free Tarot Card Readings now include a much friendlier variety of Tarot cards from 10 different Tarot decks.  When you click on the name below any card in a layout, you will be taken to a new page with more description on the card (which is based on the description from the original deck).  The description page will also include a video description of the card by Rev. Colleen of Angel Messenger, and many also include alternate cards to give you an even better understanding of the meaning.

Tarot can be an extremely accurate tool for divination.  Although there is still much negative attention given to the Tarot, it is really important to understand that Tarot doesn’t need to be negative.  Much depends on the reader giving the reading, and much depends on our understanding of the cards.  For example, the “Death” card is not about physical death but actually a “Transformation” more like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

Doreen Virtue, expert Angelologist and creator of a number of Angelic divination decks, has seen the importance of understanding the Tarot from an enlightened point of view.  Doreen’s divine guidance birthed a beautiful Angel Tarot deck, which is one of the decks we promote here on our website.

Take a look around at our new website!  Enjoy a Free Online Tarot Card Reading & check out our library of Tarot card video descriptions.

Heavenly Blessings from all of us here at Free Tarot  🙂