Before you begin your reading:

Here are some tips to make the most of your first live Psychic reading!

  1. Making a connection to a reader is very important. Sometimes when you see a reader’s profile you immediately feel connected. Other times it may help to read the psychic’s biography for more information. The readers available all have different styles so make sure you chose someone who has experience with the question you will ask. For example, if you are asking about a relationship you should chose a reader who says they are experienced answering relationship questions.
  2. You wouldn’t go to the grocery store without a list. You know what you are looking for when you enter the store. Having a professional psychic reading works the same way. If you have a goal or specific question you are looking for advice on you will have a much more successful reading. Are you thinking about changing jobs? Do you want to know if you should marry that special someone? Should you buy that new car?
  3. Have your questions written in advance. If you have them typed up on your computer you can copy them into the message area to save time and money. Having your questions prepared you will feel more relaxed and this will make for a better reading.
  4. Don’t try to fit a reading in between picking up your kids from school and grabbing some groceries. Choose a time when you can sit, relax and not feel rushed. Before getting a reading try to pick a place that is quite and where you can avoid distraction. Spend a few minutes thinking about your questions and relax before selecting a reader.
  5. Getting guidance from a psychic reading can be very emotional, especially if you’ve never had a reading before. You may have a burst of energy and have a million things running through your head. Use this energy as a boost to make the changes in your life you want. (Remember to write down what was important during the reading so you can revisit it later on). It’s important to remember that getting guidance from a reading is just that, guidance. You and everyone around you have free will which can change your future. If you had a reading where someone told you would make a million dollars would you just sit on the coach all day waiting for the money to come? If you did your free will has probably changed your future.

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