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Is God Against Oracle Cards? 

Are you curious about oracle cards, but you’re not sure whether you should try them or not? It’s not that you’re afraid you don’t have the skill or talent. It’s something much bigger. It’s God. Is God against oracle cards? And if so, what does it mean for you?

For anyone who loves the special relationship they have with God, oracle cards can feel like a big, scary NO. If you’re not sure whether they fit into your spiritual journey or not, this article is for you.

We’ll cover the basics about oracle cards, what you can use them for, and ideas to consider about the Divine. Ultimately, the decision will always be yours, and this article might provide some light posts along the way.

What are oracle cards vs tarot or angel cards?

Before we answer the question, “Is God against oracle cards?”, let’s lay the groundwork. What are oracle cards, and how do they differ from tarot cards?

Tarot cards are an older and more traditional deck of cards. There are usually 78 cards and each deck features the same archetypes, themes, and images. Compared to oracle cards, there are more rules on how to use them “properly”, and there’s more structure to their meanings.

In contrast, oracle cards can have any theme, and you’ve probably noticed that. You can find decks that feature the moon, runes, goddesses, energy, botanicals, chakras, animals, angels and so much more.

The creator of each deck can choose the theme, the imagery, the number of cards, and any prompt or messaging on the cards. In general, oracle cards have words and images and a little guidebook to help you interpret them as the creator intended.

Most oracle cards are designed to help you participate in your own personal healing, growth, and spiritual journey. So, you are welcome to interpret them independently and listen to your intuition.

What can you use oracle cards for?

 Most oracle cards are designed to help you participate in your own personal healing, growth, and spiritual journey. So, here are some reasons why they can be powerful support along the way:

  • Oracle cards are a tangible tool, combining visuals and brief messages to ground, re-align and remind you of your connection to God, your Divine purpose and your worthiness
  • Oracle cards are flexible, so they give you the opportunity to contemplate and meditate on the card’s meaning as it relates to you and your own experiences and ideas
  • Oracle cards deepen your self-love practice with a ritual that is inspiring, uplifting and affirming
  • Oracle cards offer insights, not predictions, so they can help you wake up to new ideas that you might not have considered before
  • Oracle cards are easy to use. Unlike tarot cards, you don’t need to be familiar with 78 card meanings and nuances. This makes oracle cards a bit more accessible if you haven’t used tarot or other decks.

These are just five reasons why people use oracle cards, and the magic doesn’t end there. But even if this all sounds well and good, is God against them? Let’s tackle that question now.

Oracle Cards - Inspirational

Is God against oracle cards?

One of the most important things to say right off the bat is that we cannot speak for God. Depending on who you ask, you’ll hear that God is against oracle cards, and you’ll also hear the opposite.

So, instead of giving you a final ruling, use the following four-light posts to tap into your own inner knowing, connect to God in your own way, and decide for yourself.

  1. Oracle cards are invitations, not ultimatums

One of the strongest arguments against oracle cards comes from the Holy Bible. Leviticus 19:26, for example, says, “Do not practice divination or seek omens.” Yet, the book of Revelations is considered to be prophetic and offers omens for the end times. There are also times in the Bible when the Divine has communicated with humanity. Chamuel met with Jesus in the garden before he was arrested, and Gabriel spoke to Mary about Christ’s birth.

Oracle cards are sometimes thought to disobey a command from God. However, consider the possibility that using oracle cards might not be the same as practicing divination or seeking omens. Here’s why.

Practicing divination is an attempt to foretell the future or uncover hidden knowledge. An omen is a phenomenon that is said to foretell the future.

But this is not what many people use oracle cards for. Oracle cards are not a tool to predict the future. Instead, they are invitations to go past your thinking mind and discover what is hidden in your subconscious knowing.

With oracle cards, you may try to discover hidden knowledge, but this knowledge doesn’t hide somewhere outside of yourself. The modern-day practice of reading oracle cards is more often the opportunity to get to know the truth and knowledge that is already hidden within you.

The goal of Oracle isn’t to know the future, but to ground yourself in the here and now – in the present moment. When you do this, you may have more clarity on the steps you can take, or the possibilities that are available to you, or the ideas you haven’t considered yet.

  1. Follow your intuition

No matter what this or any article says about God and oracle cards, remember this: Never do anything that doesn’t feel right or that makes you feel uncomfortable. That goes for tarot, oracle, angel, or any other card deck.

Ask yourself and your intuition: Are oracle cards the right tool for me? Listen to your inner knowing or journal about what you “hear”. This might sound counterintuitive, especially since you’re reading an article about “what you should do” right now.

But instead of another outside source telling you what you can or can’t do, try to zone out other opinions and feedback and listen to your heart and what it’s telling you.

  1. Do I have to choose God or oracle cards?

If you have a relationship with God, you may feel like you can’t love God and use oracle cards and be a person of integrity. You may believe – or others may want you to believe – that you should only consult with God for answers and guidance.

There are others, however, who might argue that instead of getting in the way and blocking out God, oracle cards can help you “hear” the wisdom of God.

Some might take it one step further and say that you can access Truth in many different places. So, you might find the truth you’re looking for right there in your oracle card deck, too.

If you’re still not sure, follow your intuitive knowing, and follow what feels correct and comfortable for you.

  1. Don’t replace God with cards

Oracle cards are kind of like supplements. Supplements support a healthy, balanced diet, but you can’t survive on supplements alone. It’s the same with oracle cards.

Oracle cards are tools, and one of many, that can help us grow spiritually. But they are tools, not replacements for God.

God is beyond comprehension and a Being Who cannot be squeezed into an oracle deck. So, oracle decks can supplement your spiritual journey, and deepen your relationship with God, but they shouldn’t replace God.

If you find that you’re reverting to oracle cards instead of, or in place of connecting to the Divine, take time to spend quiet moments with God. God may choose to commune with you outside of the deck – but you have to be quiet enough to hear.

Is God against oracle decks? There are lots of opinions on both sides of the question. It may feel intimidating to make up your own mind, but rest assured. You are always connected to your wise intuition and to the Divine.

Cultivate quiet and stillness inside, and ask yourself and God if oracle cards are the right tools for you right now. If they are, they can be a powerful and tangible way for you to deepen your self-love practice, discover deep insights, and connect with God and your Divine purpose throughout your daily life.

“Personally, I do not believe that Oracle or Tarot cards are evil. It is more about the intention of the person holding the cards. Do you intend to do good work? Or, do you intend to cause harm? A card is simply an object; it’s no more evil than the spoon I use to stir my herbal tea or the cushion I sit on to meditate. If I threw that spoon at someone’s head, it has become a weapon, but most people would not do that. However, there are all kinds of people who offer readings, and some of them do not do it for the right reasons. For some, it’s simply about making money. For others, they like to feel important, etc. Those are ways to misuse power, and that is a bit evil. However, learning to connect to Heaven yourself so that you can understand and develop your own communication with God, I believe that is why light workers are here … one reason at least.

My ancestors believed the Creator exists in every living thing, and that we can communicate with Heaven through anything that holds consciousness (or through anything we put our consciousness into). Are the stars in the sky evil … because God made those … are the clouds evil? Are the trees, plants or the grass beneath your feet evil? God is everywhere … Creator is everywhere. We just need to open our conscious mind enough to get past the fear and look beyond that to love. Creator lives in all the creation all around us, in all the consciousness all around us. We are inherently Divine, created in God’s image.

But, that is my belief. Everyone is welcome to their own belief and their own journey. Blessed be.”

~ Re, founder of Angel Messenger and Free Tarot