Have you ever felt stuck in your life? You’re not alone. That might make you feel a little better, but it doesn’t really help you get un-stuck.

So what does? Well, you can consult countless books, podcasts and life hacks to change your situation. But there’s one thing they have in common, and it’s a problem.

The problem is that these tools often tell you that the solution to your problems is outside of yourself. So, we forget about a powerful tool we already have inside: consciousness.


What is consciousness?

Consciousness is something every human shares, but scientists are still trying to figure it out. So, if researchers, philosophers, and psychologists are grappling with this subject, what can we say about it?

Most agree that consciousness is the awareness we have of our own thoughts, memories, emotions, sensations, and surroundings. It’s being aware of your internal states and your environment.

Your consciousness experiences are constantly changing. For example, you know you’re reading this article, but you have a memory of something, and your thoughts travel away from the screen.

Or, you might sit in a cafe, and notice the music in the background. Noticing and being aware of these things is only possible because of your consciousness.


Consciousness is seamless and smooth

Consciousness is never jarring or abrupt. We experience it without disruption – even if the internal or external events we observe are abrupt, jarring, disruptive or disturbing. It’s all smooth sailing for our consciousness.

In fact, our consciousness is so unobtrusive that most of the time, we don’t even remember we have it. And this is where we get tripped up. Forgetting about consciousness holds us back, and prevents us from reaching our full potential.


What happens when we forget about our consciousness?

Have you ever said the following thoughts:

  • It’s his/her fault I feel this way
  • People are out to get me
  • He/she did that to hurt me
  • The glass is half empty
  • I can’t change my situation
  • I’m not good enough
  • Why is everyone mean/rude to me?


There’s no right or wrong answer. And there’s nothing wrong if you said Yes. When we fall into negative thought patterns, it’s a sign we’ve forgotten about our consciousness.


Are you a passive recipient or an active player?

Consciousness “happens,” but if we think of consciousness this way – or if we don’t think of it at all – it makes us think that our thoughts, feelings, and opinions are automatic. They just happen, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

When we forget about consciousness, we forget that we can choose our thoughts, our emotions, and our opinions. We become passive.

But we can wake up to our consciousness. We can choose to engage with our consciousness. We can become active and stop being a victim to our internal states and external surroundings.


Tap into consciousness to reach your potential

Your consciousness is a powerful tool, and it’s going to run whether you’re aware of it or not. So, why not use it to your potential?

But how can tapping into consciousness help you reach your potential?

Think about it. You are a human being, but oftentimes, we behave more like human doings. We just do, do, do all day long.

But when you’re conscious that you’re not just a human doing things, but a human being, you can tap into your Being. This is where our potential lies.

Being is the essence of who you really are. You’re not just a human in physical form, existing in time. You have an essence that is timeless, formless and conscious.

Your Being is something that emanates from God, Universal Source, the Divine, or Love. We are constantly “plugged into” this Source.

You’re not an isolated, estranged human moving from birth to death on this earth. You are a deeply connected human Being, existing in tandem with a far greater Source of love and light.

When we only focus on being a human doing and don’t engage with our consciousness, we feel terrible because we’re ignoring an essential part of ourselves – our essence.

When we’re conscious, we remember we are Beings who are much more than skin and bones. And when we are aware of this, lots of things start to change.


Take a look:

  • You remember that you can observe your thoughts
  • You can get curious about your emotions
  • You can question your observations and opinions
  • You can make conscious decisions
  • You can make conscious choices


No more falling asleep at the wheel. No more autopilot. No more endless distractions. You are part of something much greater than yourself. And when you align with this greater Source, it is always there to support you.

It can’t be otherwise. As Eckhart Tolle teaches, “The universe wants to become more conscious, and the main life purpose for all human beings, is to come into alignment with that universal purpose.”

When you align with the universal purpose, how could you possibly stay stuck or stagnant? When you choose to align with the universe, it comes to your assistance. It has to.  Like attracts like, love attracts love, Being attracts Being.


How to tap into consciousness to reach your potential

In practical, everyday terms, how can we stop acting like human doings, and start living like human beings? How can we be more conscious?


#1: Meditation

When you practice meditation, you practice quieting the mind. You learn to observe your thoughts and emotions, rather than getting swept up by them.

In other words, you become conscious of your internal and external worlds. The more we practice meditation, the more we can tap into consciousness in everyday life. And this goes a long way.


#2: Check-in

The more you practice meditation, the more mental space you create. Here’s what that looks like in real life.

  • When you’re faced with any decision – big or small – you have the mental space to step back and check-in: Is this right for me?
  • When you’re having an argument – big or small – you observe your emotions and consciously choose to end the argument before it gets messy.
  • When you don’t know what to do with your life, you’re conscious of your connection to Divine Source. You know it’s there to support you.


#3: Remember to wake up

Have you walked away from your computer only to come back and find it in Sleep mode? Usually, all you have to do is tap a key, and it’s up and running again.

The same is true for us. We’re always connected to the Divine Source, but when we stop engaging with it, we fall asleep and get stuck.

Consciousness helps us wakes up to our Divine Connection. So, take time to be conscious that you’re always connected and plugged into Source. But don’t stop there.

Remembering isn’t enough. But then again, don’t fall into the trap of “doing something about it” either.

Remember your connection, be conscious of your connection, and welcome the Source back into your life. Be a recipient to the divine. Be an empty cup ready to be filled. Be willing to quiet the noise so you can hear Divine guidance.

Consciousness is the portal that gives you direct access to Divine Source. With this Source powering and loving us, we can get unstuck, get moving and reach our highest potential.