The Madness of Our World

Written by Ambers Light

Do you feel that at times the world has gone totally off the grid? Every corner we turn it seems to be nothing but a negative thrown at us.  That does become a major frustration after months of this scene being replayed!  So after months of this continuous action we become drained, angry, deflated in every way.  We just give up!  Whew, that little paragraph alone is enough to make a person depressed!

So how do we pick ourselves up when all this seems to have no ending in sight?  We can go the easy route and blame it on the world, have lots of pity parties and just fall into a slump.  Hmmm, does that really work for us or is this a depression that is easier said than done to come out of.  Sure it is depressing when it comes nonstop but what can we do?  They all hate me; nothing works, why me, what can I do?

First off, we know we can’t control the world or what others out there do. They are entitled to what they chose to do and how they go about it. Now it’s up to us to not get drawn into that energy flow and really step back and breath.  What works for us?  Sometimes it’s just flat out smart to be very still and withdraw into your own comfort zone.  Take stock of what is going on around us and then take the steps that we need for ourselves.

Never let anyone steal your power or if you will, your thunder!  Yes, life throws a lot of challenges at us and it’s up to us to take the lessons from it all and use that to enhance our life. While it may not be pleasant at the time of enduring the pain and hurts of those lessons, at the right time in our life we look back to see how we have used this to be a positive in our life – To enhance our life! Amberslight madnessofourworld article

So what to do during this time of chaos?  Do something that you love to do whether it is reading a good book, taking a walk in the park, playing with your favorite pet.  Try something brand new to you!  It doesn’t have to cost tons of money to give you that fresh air.   When that fresh air comes to us then we can approach the chaos perhaps in a different way.  Break the pattern and try a new approach with that chaos.

This is where we tend to ignore the fact that we have gone at the chaos the same way.  This is what I mean by breaking the pattern.  If it doesn’t work after a couple of tries then it’s time to change up on the approach and do something differently. Break the patterns and this applies to all areas in our life.

Remember your own self value and keep taking the steps ahead, one step at a time!

Ambers Light

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