So, you’re thinking of having your fortune read by a Tarot psychic? Tarot cards have been used for centuries for divination, enlightenment and other spiritual purposes. Even today the practice remains one of the most popular techniques for reading a person’s fortune. To ensure an accurate and productive Tarot reading, however, you should follow these tips …

Don’t Ask Biased Questions

The accuracy of a Tarot reading is heavily dependent on the questions you ask. If you ask a question that is biased towards a specific answer, such as “why is my relationship failing,” it will likely result in a biased answer. Keep your questions focused but too specific without being favoring a particular answer.

Don’t Ask Yes or No Questions

Most professional Tarot readers tell clients at the start of a session to avoid asking yes or no questions. Tarot reading doesn’t work by revealing simple yes or no answers. Instead, the cards drawn are open for interpretation by the reader. So in order for a Tarot reading to work, the client may ask open questions that don’t revolve around yes or no answers.

Listen and Obey the Reader

I know this probably sounds like common sense, but it’s still worth mentioning that you should always listen to and obey the Tarot reader. Some readers have specific techniques, and if the client fails to obey the reader’s instruction, it could result in an inaccurate or otherwise erroneous reading. Whether you have a fortune read in person or over the Internet, obey the reader’s instructions. Here are some ways to prepare for a reading.

Choose a Tarot Reader Wisely

Of course, you should also think long and hard when choosing a Tarot reader. Some readers have a proven track record of success with hundreds or even thousands of satisfied clients, whereas others have little-to-no success. Do your own investigative research to find a trusted, reputable reader. If you are having trouble finding a Tarot reader, check out our recommendations by clicking here.

Keep an Open Mind

The single most important tip of all is to keep an open mind when having your fortune read by a Tarot reader. Tarot cards are all about understanding one’s self in relation to what the cards reveal. If you disregard everything the reader says, you won’t come away with any constructive knowledge. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to believe every word the reader tells you, but you should keep an open mind throughout the process for a more accurate and productive reading.

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