The human body is like a sponge, absorbing energy from its surrounding environment. It’s not uncommon for people to absorb negative energy, which in turn affects their mood, health and overall well-being. Some individuals are more sensitive or empathic to this energy than others.


Arguably, one of the easiest ways to cleanse negative energy from your body is to meditate. Civilizations from throughout the world have used meditation for physiological and psychological benefits for thousands of years. And while new techniques are being invented each year, the practice revolves around the same basic principle: to promote a deep sense of relaxation, compassion for the individual’s surroundings, and to stimulate the life force (known as Qi).

Manifest a Protective Aura

Another effective solution to rid negative energy from your body is to manifest a protective aura. Many alternative healing practitioners recommend this technique as it allows for a deeper connection with the Divine. Basically, you want to imagine a beam of lighting being projected by the Divine (your God/Spirit or Universe) that lands directly on you. This light hits the top of your head, flowing into your crown chakra and filling your internal energy with Divine energy, effectively flushing negative energy from your body. The energy then flows out and creates a protective bubble that surrounds and protects your body.

Surround Yourself With Positive Elements5 Ways to cleanse Negative Energy from Your Body

Going back to the underlying cause of negative energy, consider how your body absorbs energy from its surroundings. If you surround yourself with negative elements, you will likely accumulate and harbor negative energy. On the other hand, if you surround yourself with positive elements, you’ll reap the benefits of having positive energy flowing through your body. Watching a funny movie, for instance, will expose you to positive energy, filling your body with good energy while simultaneously flushing out the bad energy.

Scream it Out

No, that’s not a typo. You can release negative energy from your body simply by screaming. Find a comfortable area in your home and scream into a pillow at the top of the lungs. After a couple of minutes, you should feel a sense of relief and relaxation.


What the heck is “smudging” and how can it cleanse your body of negative energy? Originally invented by the Native Americans, this practice involves the burning of sage herbs in a home or environment to remove negative energy. Those who performing the smudging will often say a prayer, demanding the negative energy to go away.

Even if you aren’t comfortable performing it yourself, with a little searching you should be able to find someone who can do the smudging for you. However, smudging is fairly easy. For the basic concept, simply light the top of a sage bundle on fire, and then blow out the fire so that all you have is the smoke. Start at the main doorway/entrance to the room and move the smoking sage around the area moving in a clockwise direction.

You may choose to say a prayer to Archangel Michael to cleanse and protect the space, or you can opt to simply hold the intention of the purpose of the cleansing. Continue through the room in a clockwise direction. If weather permits, it may be a good idea to open some windows. Also be aware of those with asthma as well as pets; too much smoke may make it difficult to breath easily.

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