There’s nothing to fear from the death card.

Death CardHave you ever watched a movie where a tarot reading takes place and the death card foretells the future of a victim who is subsequently shot or stabbed and meets an untimely death? Whilst this might create a suspenseful movie scene, it has unfortunately resulted in the death card becoming one of the most feared and misunderstood cards in the tarot deck.

If you consult with a psychic for a tarot reading and the death card comes up, there is no need to be alarmed. This is a positive card, which indicates a time of transformation and change in your life. The death card is symbolic; one phase or aspect of your life needs to end in order for you to move on to new opportunities and possibilities. The meaning of the death card can be interpreted across various aspects of your life including your health, relationships and your job and is influenced by the surrounding cards in the tarot deck spread.


Are there people or circumstances in your life that are causing you undue stress? The death card reminds you to deal with issues as they occur and make any necessary changes for the sake of your own physical and emotional health.


Are you clinging to a relationship that is making you desperately unhappy because you are scared of being alone or because you simply don’t like change? It takes a brave person to admit that not all relationships can be fixed and to know when enough is enough. This may be your sign that it’s time to call it quits so that you are open to the possibility of a new love.


Do you enjoy a steady income but hate your job? When you are earning a decent salary, it can be hard to give it up, but it may be time to take a leap of faith and trust that there is something better waiting for you around the corner. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve been made redundant and are battling negative emotions. When one door closes another always opens – embark down a new career path or start that business venture you’ve always wanted to.

When you get your next psychic reading and the death card comes up, embrace it – it’s a reminder that it’s time to change and open yourself up to new life experiences, nothing more sinister than that.

Here’s a short video on how the death card can transform your life.

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