People have been looking to the moon and tapping into its power for millennia. That’s because the energy of the moon is incredibly powerful. With some simple preparation, you too, can access the moon’s power and begin to create healing in your life.

Why is a full moon so powerful?

Imagine holding a magnifying glass up to a small object. It appears much larger, doesn’t it? Now, imagine that the full moon is like that magnifying glass. When it appears every month, it magnifies whatever energy is inside you.

Therefore, if you’re experiencing positive energy and emotions, the full moon will increase them abundantly. On the flip side, if your life is full of negative emotions and energy, you can really begin to feel, well, like a lunatic.

Negative energy can manifest as scarcity mindsets, feelings of lack, emotional blocks, grudges and relationship problems. These states of being are already difficult, with or without the moon. So, you can only imagine how a full moon can leave many people feeling overwhelmed.

Therefore, it’s important to do some mindful preparation before a full moon. Then, you can come away feeling better rather than worse.

Basic preparation tips for the next full moon

The following steps will help you make the most out of each and every full moon and create space for healing to occur.

  • First, find out when the next full moon is with helpful sites like this one and click on the moon phases calendar. That way, you’re not caught unaware!
  • Pause for the cause. If you want to discuss something that’s upsetting you, leave it on the back burner until after the full moon. As we already know, the moon’s energy intensifies the energy you’re already feeling, including negativity. So, if you try to tackle these difficult emotions during a full moon, the situation could get messier.
  • Cultivate as many positive thoughts as you can. You can do this with a gratitude journal, a gratitude walk or simply say thank you again and again. Remember, whatever you experience during the full moon is magnified. It’s like buy-one-get-one-free, and who doesn’t want the uplifting experience of gratitude in their lives?
  • If you have a vision board showcasing your dreams or goals, add a little more focus on it when the full moon fills the sky.

How to purge negativity from your life during a full moon

Apart from supporting your positive emotions and kickstarting your goals, you can also remove darkness and negativity, too.

So, if you’re fed up with all the disruptive energies wreaking havoc in your life, a full moon is the perfect time to clear the slate and make room for a more positive life experience.

To assist the moon in purging negative energies, create a sacred space. If the weather permits, you can set up a small altar outside. Otherwise, arrange one in your home. It can be as simple as a table, countertop or shelf. The important thing is that it’s set aside for this sacred purpose.

You can use many different objects to adorn your altar, such as healing stones, crystals, candles, fresh flowers, bowls of water, as well as sacred images or objects.

Before the evening of the full moon, take time to identify any negative elements in your life. Are you struggling with certain people, job concerns, your body image, self-love, or anything else?

Whatever it is, create a list of everything that’s clouding your life. Then, write each problem down on separate pieces of paper. You’ll probably end up with a little pile of big problems you’re ready to release or change in your life.

During the night of the full moon, clear the energy of your altar with a prayer, smudging, or by asking the spirits and angels to join your purging ceremony. Then, take each slip of paper and read it out loud.

Imagine that the moon is a sentient being, who listens to each and every slip of paper you read. After you read each one, make a bold command: “Be gone!” with lots of strength, resolve and confidence.

Remember, the moon magnifies whatever you focus on. So, even if this ritual seems small and insignificant, the moon has your back and will add a lot of power to your little actions.

To close the ceremony, burn the slips of paper and offer a prayer of gratitude to the healing energies you’ve just ushered into your life.

Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself spiritual or well-versed in astrology, you can benefit from and find healing during a full moon. Share your full moon experiences in the comments below!

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