Time to let go? This Tarot Spread Can Help

Is it time to let go of something? An emotion? An old hurt? Maybe even an idea? Whether you’re starting a brand new year, observing the full moon, or just moving through your day-to-day life, it’s probably time to let go.

With the right tools, you can release the baggage and start to heal. Keep reading to discover a special tarot spread to relax your grip on whatever it is you’re holding onto. Let it fall gently to the ground. You never know, something might bloom there.


Why You May Be Having Trouble Letting Things Go

Letting go is a simple concept. You take what doesn’t serve you anymore, and you release it, right? If you’re like most, it’s a lot easier said than done – no matter how many times you’ve heard Elsa sing “Let it go, let it go-oh.”

Why is it hard to release the old hurts and the loss? Sometimes, we’re afraid to move on. Sometimes, we’re just too darn angry. We think holding on is the only way we – or the other person – will ever learn.

This tarot spread can help you figure out why it’s hard to let go. This insight makes it easier to release and move forward.


Letting Go Tarot Spread

Card 1: What is the root issue?

The first card reveals the root of the problem. Sure, there may be lots of problems in your life right now. But usually, the real problem isn’t what we see on the surface. What we usually see are the symptoms of a root cause.

So, what’s the root issue here? Life is multi-faceted, and the root problem could stem from any life area. This card helps you answer the question: From which life area is the root problem arising? How does this affect this specific area of your life and the rest of your life?


Card 2: What is keeping me stuck?

Being stuck – whether to an emotional addiction, a bad relationship, or an unsatisfying job – is no fun. But despite the pain and discomfort, we don’t always leave these sticky situations, do we? Instead, we tend to stay well past the expiration date, and long after closing hours.

The question is, Why? What is stopping you from moving forward? Why is it hard to let this particular issue go? What else do you need to release so you can let this baggage go, once and for all? Card Number 2 helps you answer these questions.


Card 3: Does holding on help me?

Our ego-driven thinking brain loves to create stories about why we have to hold onto crap we don’t need anymore. We hold onto painful relationships, memories, emotions, thoughts, and expectations for so many unhelpful “reasons.”

Take a look:

  • I don’t deserve better
  • I could never get better than this
  • This is gonna teach ‘em to mess with me
  • But she betrayed me
  • I don’t know how I’ll make it work
  • It never turns out for me
  • At least I’m familiar with this dynamic


This list of sorry excuses could go on and on. And it can if we don’t step in and escort these ego-driven, fear-based thoughts out the door. Using Card Number 3 will help you be the best bouncer: only the thoughts that serve your highest good are allowed in.

Holding on can give you a sense of security and certainty. But what are you really gaining from it? Is it benefiting you? What are the advantages? More often than not, we come out on the losing end. It’s almost like we’re getting scammed by our own stubbornness.

So, dig deep and be honest: if you hold on to this, what do you get out of it? If you don’t come out winning, consider that it’s time to let it go.


Card 4: What can help me let go and move forward?

Card Number 3 ushers in a mindset shift: that thing you can’t let go of? It’s better off without you, and vice versa. Now, it’s time to focus on making that happen. Card Number 4 can help.

Use this card answer questions like:

  • What do I need to move forward?
  • What additional resources is the universe providing to help me move on?
  • Do I need help or support from people or resources, like therapy or treatments?
  • What are some home practices I can start to do every day? (Meditation, journaling or breathwork)


How about your mindset? Are there beliefs, mantras, affirmations or perspectives you can adapt to set this in motion? For example, if you believe “X”, would it be easier or harder to let go?


Are You Ready to Let Go?

Holding on prevents us from moving forward. Replaying old hurts and licking old wounds puts the energy in all the wrong places. We get all tangled up this way.

The sooner we can free ourselves from this ensnaring energy, the sooner we can enjoy life in the present moment and open ourselves up to all it has to offer, right here and right now.

This simple, four-card tarot spread is special because it helps you investigate why you’re holding on, why holding on is hurting you, and how you and the universe can start to wash it all downstream and start fresh.

Are you ready to let go?