Why You Should Love Your Soulmates and Let Them Go

Do you think you have to search long and hard for your soul mate? Most people do. And that’s because we tend to believe that once we’ve found our soulmate, we don’t have to look for anyone else ever again. But this belief can make life harder and more painful for both you and your soulmate. Plus, it interferes with your soul mate’s true role and purpose in your life. You Don’t Have to Find Your Soulmate If you’re single, or if you feel like you’re settling for less in your relationship, you may be on the hunt for your [...]

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A Hundred Thousand Angels by Lucinda Drayton(Bliss)

Do you hear me calling you? The voice of a mother and a father and a child. Would you recognise the truth? Do you feel the love that's falling from my eyes? Only a second, that's all it takes to realize There's a hundred thousand angels by your side.

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