If you are active in the New Thought movement, you have seen the image of the Flower of the Life more and more over the past years. This impressive shape, a series of circles set one upon the other, bounded within a sphere, seems simple. In fact, it is incredibly complex and has deep spiritual meaning and profound metaphysical significance. Its arcs, rings, and curves represent universal symbols and hold hidden alchemical messages. It is the most sacred shape known to seekers of wisdom, for it is said to contain the very blueprint of creation. It is the quintessential representation of the saying, “As above, so below.”

As above, so below. These age-old words, credited to the ancient Egyptian god-man, Hermes Trismegistus, seek to describe that the principles and properties of our vast universe—the complex science and systems that rule our galaxies, planets and star systems—are the same laws that rule all of nature, our human bodies and minds, indeed, even our spirits and souls. This adage is at the very foundation of the New Thought movement, that popular belief that there is a unifying consciousness which animates all things and that humanity, nature and the cosmos are parts of one divine, intelligent whole.

As we seek to understand the nature of the universe, we can look to sacred geometry to explain the energetic interaction of spirituality, philosophy, and science. The swirling shapes of planetary nebulae can be found in the gentle unfolding of a fern frond, a whirlpool, or a nascent human embryo; the rings of Saturn can be seen in a pool of water in which a pebble is dropped. The proportion and form of all things in existence can be seen as patterns, universal codes if you will, that underlie the very substance of matter. That elemental pattern is called The Flower of Life. But where did it come from?

In the beginning, in that time we call Genesis, Divine spirit desired to know itself. Out of the spiritual void came limitless energy, in the form of a sound: Om. Om vibrated at unfathomable speed and imprinted itself upon the void as a physical, multi-dimensional sphere, expanding infinitely into space-time, laying the groundwork for all shapes to come. And, because the Divine intended to be self-aware, out of that one circle came two circles, laid one upon the other; the Divine expressed its duality in a shape we now call the Vesica Pisces. This form continued to generate itself outward, manifesting as endless, interconnecting circles in a geometric progression.

Thus, cosmic energy spun out of nothingness and the patterns it created became something: an infinite, holographic, inter-dimensional, geometric grid. The energetic vibrations of the cosmic planes manifested as patterns in the reality and structures we know as space, time, dimension and matter. This shape, a pattern of endless circles laid upon infinite circles, held within a Divine sphere is the Flower of Life, the harmonic frequency and mathematical proportion of life itself. As above, so below.

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