The Healing Power of Quartz: What You Should Know

Quartz is the world’s second most common natural occurring mineral, only after feldspar. While there are many different varieties, it is generally characterized by clear or semi-clear crystalline structures that tower outwards in all directions. It’s used to produce silica, glass, ceramics and more. But quartz has some surprising uses that many people overlook, including its ability to heal.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz, also known as rock crystal or crystal quartz, has been used for centuries to heal wounds. The general belief is that clear quartz absorbs and releases energy from its surroundings, positive or negative. If you are suffering from an illness or disease, for instance, this brilliant mineral will literally pull the negative energy from your body, promoting faster and more efficient recovery times.

Although the process is invisible to the naked eye, clear quartz is constantly fluctuating in terms of energy levels. As it attracts and absorbs energy, it also releases energy — a process that continues indefinitely based upon the energy readings of the surrounding environment.

Physical and Mental Pain

Clear quartz doesn’t just target physical pain; it may also relieve mental pain as well. If you experience chronic stress and/or anxiety, this might be the solution to your problem. As clear quartz absorbs and releases energy, it also works to balance your cognitive function. It may sound like science-fiction, but thousands of people have had success with using crystal quartz to treat their physical and/or mental pain.

Enhance Psychic Ability

In addition to relieving pain, crystal quartz is also believed to enhance a person’s psychic ability. Everyone has some degree of psychic awareness, but it’s usually too small to produce any notable effects. By using crystal quartz on a regular basis, you can tone your body’s natural psychic ability so perhaps it can be used for other purposes. Quartz alone isn’t going to turn you into an accurate psychic reader overnight, but this mineral has been linked to an increased psychic awareness.

Using Quartz to Heal

So, how can you use crystal quartz to heal? There are several different ways in which you can use crystal quartz to heal – one of which is to wear it as a necklace. Take a small, narrow piece of crystal quartz and connect it to a necklace. Try to get into the habit of wearing this necklace each and every day, and after a week or so, you should notice an improvement. Crystal quartz can also be placed directly on the body, in areas where pain is originating.

Be sure to also cleanse your crystal by leaving it out in the moonlight, using spring water or the smoke of white sage. It’s important to cleanse your crystal before wearing it and every few days or so – depending on the amount of work you’re asking the crystal to do. More intense energy work will require the crystal to be cleansed more often.

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