Do you ever feel overwhelmed by confusion or uncertainty? You probably want to find some clear answers, but with all the helpful tools out there, it can be tricky deciding which way to go. So, the next time you need a little more clarity in your life, try a tarot reading.  It’s a wonderful practice, and from among the 78 cards, there are three specific cards that can help you discover your own, inner knowing without getting lost in the shuffle.

The Moon
The Moon is a source of light, but unlike the sun, its dim light doesn’t dispel the darkness; it illuminates it instead. The moon represents the shadow self, where we repress our shortcomings and insecurities, and the moon invites us to explore our shadow self, which may be responsible for our confusion and uncertainty.

This tarot card also represents the fear and anxiety that we cast onto our past, present or future experiences. And even though we prefer to play it safe, sometimes we do need to move forward, even if we don’t know where we’re going, right? This is where the moon encourages us to follow our inner light and intuition, which leads us in the right direction. Just like a moonlit path – you can see the path, but you can’t see all of it. And that’s okay.

The Moon card usually depicts a deep pool of water, representing the still subconscious. And just as the moon acts upon the still seas by pulling in the tide, the moon can help you stir up the subconscious and shed light upon it, too.

The High Priestess
The High Priestess is a wonderful tarot card, not only because she’s associated with the moon, but also because she represents many of the things we need during our search for clarity and inner knowing: wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and serenity.

Like the moon, she is often pictured with water, which symbolizes vast subconscious, and you can think of the High Priestess as the gateway between the conscious and the subconscious mind. She reminds us that you can bridge the wide gap between unknowing and knowing.

The High Priestess is like the mediator between the darkness and the light; she represents the confidence and assurance it takes to trust and rely on yourself.  Your dreams and intuition are relevant and important, and you can listen to the wisdom they contain.

The Hermit
This last tarot card depicts a quiet Hermit, who withdraws from the distractions of the world. It isn’t that the world is bad, it’s just very busy, and it can prevent us from interpreting our experiences with a clear mind.

As he turns his consciousness inward, he invites us to do the same and to find our own quietude.  This card reminds us that we can find the truth deep within, but in order to do so, we have to welcome solitude and introspection. This soul-searching allows us to discover the truth about life, personal relationships, and any other situation.

In order to find this clarity, the Hermit invites us to meditate, contemplate, and examine ourselves. We often fear solitude, but we’re reminded that it’s okay to be alone; it gives us the much-needed space to hear our inner wisdom and to let it illuminate our consciousness. It’s how we can discover and create our own inner light, which will guide us throughout life.

So, when you receive one of these cards in your tarot reading remember it can be a wonderful tool to guide you in your search for more inner knowing and clarity.

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