If you are looking to live a longer, healthier and happier life, you should look into and engage in spiritual growth practices. By aligning yourself with the Universe and developing an understanding of the symbiotic nature of life, you’ll reap these benefits and more.

Live Longer

Is it possible that engaging in spiritual growth practices can extend your life? Some researchers seem to think so. A 28-year study involving 5,286 U.S. adults found that spiritually active participants had lower mortality rates when compared to their non-spiritual counterparts. Furthermore, researchers from this same study found that participants who were spiritually active were more likely to stop smoking cigarettes, increase their physical activity levels, and stay married.

Some observational studies suggest that people who have regular spiritual practices tend to live longer,” wrote the study’s researchers.

Be Healthier

Of course, being spiritually active may also offer health benefits as well. Your body’s ability to ward off disease and illness is directly impacted to your state of mind. People who go throughout their daily lives in a general state of negativity have a tendency to fall sick more frequently than people who maintain a positive, spiritually enlightened attitude. The mechanism behind this phenomenon remains unknown, although some experts attribute its effectiveness to the power of positive thinking.

5 Tips for Spiritual Growth:

  1. Accept the fact that there are elements in your life which are out of your control, focusing your energy on those elements which you can control.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people. Your immediate group of friends and family will affect your spiritual growth (or lack thereof), which is why it’s recommended that you choose “positive” friends.
  3. Book a Psychic or Tarot card reading with a respected spiritual practitioner. You can’t expect to grow and develop spiritually without first understanding your true self. A quality Tarot card reading can help you accomplish this goal by answering all of those burning questions that you’ve kept locked inside.
  4. Take care of your body. While being spiritually active can improve your health, you should still take a proactive approach towards your body. This means eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet, as well as exercising on a regular basis.
  5. Meditate. Arguably one of the most effective ways to grow spiritually is to mediate. Some people assume that meditation is a complicated practice that requires years of training. In reality, though, anyone can do it, even if you have little-to-no experience. Find a quiet area, close your eyes, and then make slow, deep breaths while focusing on your inner energy system.

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