Affirmations are a very powerful method of creating things that we want and changing the quality of our lives. Affirmations are declarations or thoughts that work to create a certain result; concentrating on a goal to make it a reality.

There are three aspects of affirmations, the first aspect is the words we use to express our desires. Once we establish our message, we will use visual images(the 2nd aspect) to accompany it. For example, if you are affirming a trip to Hawaii, you might want to use a postcard or brochure to take in the palm trees, lounge chairs, and beaches that the trip might entail.

The third aspect is to recreate the feeling of your affirmation. For a trip to Hawaii, you may feel relaxed or excited to be in such a unique destination. If you bring a loved one, you may feel a sense of romance or an increased bond. Try to feel these emotions, and they will drive you to make your affirmation a reality.

Be Aware of Your Affirmations

We give ourselves affirmations throughout our daily lives—though we are not always aware of it. The things that we say and think to ourselves are affirmations. The things others tell us that we accept and believe are also affirmations. Sometimes when we are not aware of their presence, we can create affirmations that are not good for us.

Negative Affirmations

These negative affirmations can creep into our daily thoughts, and if left unchecked, they can become beliefs that we base our lives upon. Some of the negative affirmations that can affect us are thoughts like: “the world is against me”, “life is full of suffering”, or “no one loves me”.

 Discover Your Negative Beliefs

Discovering these negative beliefs is the first step in dissolving them from your life. You must be conscious of these thoughts. One exercise to help catch yourself thinking negatively is to think of a positive affirmation. “Good things come easily” or something similar is a good start. When you think of something positive like this, your mind can quickly come up with reasons it is not true or why it will not happen.  Thoughts like:

  • They never have before
  • Some people aren’t meant for good things
  • Why should I be optimistic?

Another negative approach some take is to think of the benefits of a negative situation. The benefits of not having good things come to you may be:

  • No good things mean I have nothing to lose
  • No one will ask for anything if I have nothing
  • I won’t feel guilty for others who have nothing

Catching your negative affirmations right when they happen will help you to nip them in the bud. When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, you can supplant them with positive affirmations and begin your path to making those thoughts a reality. Also, consider how you are looking at things through love or through fear. One gives us negative thoughts and the other positive. Happy Affirming!

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