Crystals are natural energy collectors. When a person comes in contact with a crystal, they leave many forms of energy behind from their thoughts, emotions, touch, and other sources. While that is not always a bad thing, when you obtain a crystal you can make it truly yours by clearing it of stored energy. We have listed a couple clearing techniques below.


Smudging is a traditional Native American method to clear energy by burning sage and cedar leaves. To smudge a crystal, simply pass the crystal back and forth through the smoke. You can find cedar and sage at most shops that sell herbal remedies. A smudge stick is a combination of sage, cedar, and other herbs. Smudging can clear your crystal as well as your general area and yourself.

Your Breath

To use your breath to clear a crystal, simply hold it in your dominant hand, or in both hands if needed. Focus on the thought of freeing that crystal of any negative energy. As you are holding this thought, use your nose to inhale and exhale through your mouth directly onto your crystal. Your breath is a vehicle for your intentions to clear the crystal. The crystals can also be held in your palms, close your eyes and picture a white bubble of love and light around them.

Sea Salt

Completely immerse a crystal in a container of sea salt overnight to clear it. Alternatively, you can use a solution of water and sea salt. For this method, your intuition will play a major role in how much sea salt you use and for how long you leave it immersed. One to three days will usually do the trick.

You will want to wash all of the salt off your crystal after clearing it. Filtered water is recommended for the washing process. Many people do not like the abrasiveness of salt and feel this method is a bit too harsh for their tastes.

Always try to use your intuition to decide whether you should clear your crystal or not. If you sense any stickiness, cloudiness, or a decrease in energy, it is time for a clearing.

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