What is Human Frequency and How Can You Raise Yours?

The Law of Vibration The Law of Vibration states that everything is constantly moving, shifting, and vibrating. This early twentieth-century theory by Albert Einstein suggests that when matter is broken down into smaller components, it enters into a different realm where everything is made of vibrating energy. What is Frequency? Frequencies are based on vibrating cycles. Faster vibrating cycles mean higher frequency, and slower cycles make a lower frequency. The measurement of vibration cycles per second is called Hertz. A frequency of 500 cycles per second would be 500 hertz (Hz).  What is the Human Frequency? Humans are no exception [...]

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Kind Words

"Kind Words Can Be Short & Easy To Speak but Their Echos Are Truly Endless." ~Mother Teresa Kind words don't have to be long to lift someone's day.  Often it doesn't even have to be a word; it can be a simple smile or a kind gesture like holding the door to brighten someone's day.  I believe all these things really do echo upon the receiver's heart endlessly. We really never know what someone is going through and how our kindness will touch another person's life. Besides, we also benefit from these interactions because being nice is actually good for your health. [...]

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