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Exploring the History and Hidden Meanings of Dreams

People have been fascinated by the dreams of their subconscious mind for thousands of years, and different cultures have sought to understand and interpret their meanings. In ancient civilizations, dreams were viewed as signs sent from the Gods. Ancient Egyptians held dreaming rituals, sacrifices and recited prayers in the hope that these traditions would ensure that their dreams gave them a glimpse into the future. In Ancient Greece, Aristotle believed that people could achieve the purest form of wisdom only during periods of sleep. Dream interpretation guided family life, significant military decisions and impacted the development of the ancient world. Hippocrates, [...]

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5 Tips for a More Productive Tarot Reading

So, you're thinking of having your fortune read by a Tarot psychic? Tarot cards have been used for centuries for divination, enlightenment and other spiritual purposes. Even today the practice remains one of the most popular techniques for reading a person's fortune. To ensure an accurate and productive Tarot reading, however, you should follow these tips ... Don't Ask Biased Questions The accuracy of a Tarot reading is heavily dependent on the questions you ask. If you ask a question that is biased towards a specific answer, such as "why is my relationship failing," it will likely result in a [...]

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