Do you feel like your intentions are all a blur, and that you can’t focus on them for very long? This can be really frustrating, but crystals can give you some much-needed clarity. That’s because crystals are so much more than trendy home decor. In fact, their unseen energetic levels can influence your own energy, and help bring balance back into your life. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Crystals Have Their Own Energy

Just like you and I have our own energy, so do crystals. And very often, if we have negative, energetic vibrations, it’s hard to have mental clarity and positive feelings. That’s why it’s important to first clear out any negativity before you make new intentions.

Start with Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline protects you from unwanted energies and diffuses and transforms negative energy into positive energy. If certain people make you feel unhappy, you can easily keep this crystal close by; it will bring protection and help ward off disrupting energies.

Heal Your Emotional Blocks with Crystals

Amethyst, which comes in many various shades of purple, can help heal emotional blocks. And since emotional well-being leads to mental clarity, you can reach your highest potential with the help of amethyst. It’s also associated with both the crown, and third eye chakra: two chakras that provide an entry into our divinity, and our higher selves.

What Crystals Do You Like?

Confusion happens if we have unresolved issues that need to be healed. That’s why it makes sense to start with black tourmaline to neutralize negativity. And then, heal emotional blocks with amethyst. But what about focusing on other issues and getting clear on your intentions?

Instead of trying to match your specific issue with the appropriate crystal, or getting caught up in their descriptions, try to simply look at crystals and see which ones you’re attracted to.

It’s true: every crystal has a specific purpose. Some calm and cool you, others increase your self-love. Crystals can help you overcome depression; expand your awareness; connect to the earth; increase your optimism, and center yourself.

But you’ll find that some are just more attractive to you than others. And these are the crystals that are actually perfect for you right now.

So, go ahead and start with black tourmaline and amethyst, but then, don’t be afraid to explore other crystals. When you let your own energies respond to the healing energy of crystals, you can find balance and get clear on your intentions.

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