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The Chariot, also known as the Centurion or Victory, is the seventh Major Arcana Tarot card (see image to the right). Like all Major Arcana Tarot cards, it depicts a scene consisting of several symbolic elements along with a Roman number at top (XII). Understanding the meaning behind the Chariot card is essential for having a successful reading, so today we’re going to break down the seventh Major Arcana card, revealing its true meaning.

The Design

In order to understand the Chariot card, you must first analyze its design. While there are numerous variations, the most commonly used design features a man (the Chariot) sitting atop a canopy with six pointed stars. It’s believed that these stars represent the astrological influence within this card. Psychics often associate the Chariot card with the fourth astrological sign, Cancer, which spans the 90-12th degree on the zodiac.

Upon closer inspection, however, you’ll notice there’s also crescent moons on the Chariot’s shoulders, both of which face outwards and away. This is open to interpretation, but many experts believe the unique crescent moon design symbolizes the Chariot’s association with the newfound world in which we live. Other notable elements included in the Chariot card’s design include alchemical symbols presented on the Chariot’s chest, black and white sphinxes, and the lack of a reins (the Chariot controls the sphinxes through magical means), as well as crown featuring a large and prominent star.

The Chariot Card in Readings

So, what does it mean when the Chariot card appears during a Tarot reading? Let me first start off by saying that this is a “good” card to pull. The Chariot has been known to represent victory and success in a person’s life. Going back to the basic design of this card, the Chariot is a powerful being that uses magic to control his life. When you have the Chariot card pulled during a Tarot reading, it symbolizes a similar sense of control and power in your own life. The Chariot card also encourages the individual to develop greater self confidence and willpower to meet their goals.

The Chariot is one of twenty two Major Arcana, or Trump, cards in a Tarot deck. It depicts a man sitting atop a canopy with two black and white sphinxes in front. Popular belief indicates that the Chariot card is linked to success, victory and control, making it an excellent card to have pulled.

Here is a video with more details about the Chariot card. The deck in the video is the Angel Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

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