Do you want to clear the slate and start fresh? Every month, the new moon gives us a perfect opportunity to set new beginnings. With simple rituals and intentional mindsets, you can prepare for and utilize the energy of the new moon to manifest your goals and dreams.

Why is the New Moon powerful?

Compared to the Full Moon, the New Moon is hidden from us. But don’t underestimate her power. The energy of the new moon is empty and open, and even though it’s a good idea to continually set your own intentions, why not tap turn to the New Moon for some help? It can powerfully supercharge your intentions.

Preparing for the New Moon

The New Moon gently graces the sky every month. You can find out when the next one is with an easy online moon calendar.

  • Gather your sacred tools

You might be into divination decks, crystals, gemstones, incense, sage smudging, candles or journaling. Whatever your sacred supplies are, gather them up for your New Moon rituals.

  • Cleanse

The day of the New Moon, focus on cleansing the negativity out of your life. You can clean your physical space with a sage smudge stick or incense.

It’s also a good time to detox and nourish your physical body with whole, unprocessed foods, too. And if you practice yoga or meditation, use these mindful activities to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit as well.

Why all this cleansing? Think of it this way: before you can serve a special dinner, you need clean plates to serve it on. It wouldn’t make much sense to prepare a special dinner and put it on a dirty plate, right?

The same thing applies to the New Moon. In order to tap into this power, you have to make a clean space for it. Only then, can it work its magic.

Be grateful during the New Moon

Most of us turn toward the New Moon to improve our lives. This suggests that we’re not completely satisfied with our current life situation. But even if that’s the case, work to cultivate a grateful mindset anyway. Gratitude is the highest vibrational energy available to us.

And when we stand in the fertile space of the New Moon with gratitude, it’s easier for us to attract and manifest better experiences for ourselves.

Write a gratitude list during the New Moon

It might seem overly simplified, but writing a gratitude list is probably one of the best ways to cultivate gratitude. At first, you might feel like you’re coming up empty.

But just start by being grateful for the simplest, smallest things, and you’ll find that the gratitude will just grow. That’s the wonderful thing about gratitude – it’s contagious and starts a domino effect.

By cultivating gratitude for the present moment, you help to welcome the experiences that haven’t manifested yet.

What to do after the New Moon

Now that you know how to prep for the New Moon, here’s what you should do once it’s occurred:

  • Write your intentions

Just after the New Moon happens, write your intentions down on paper. And as you write them, be sure that they feel right to you.

For example, you might write an intention that sounds good on paper, but if it doesn’t feel good, or if it makes you feel uneasy or restless, reconsider your intention.

This might mean rewording your intention or letting it go altogether. Try to trust your inner wisdom and intuition here.

  • Be open to the New Moon’s power

The New Moon can supercharge your intentions. And while it’s important to be specific and sincere about your intentions, it’s also important to remain open and ready for what comes.

For example, you might want a pay raise because you don’t feel valued at work. Now, you might end up with that raise, but you might also end up with an even better career opportunity.

It might be a change you weren’t expecting, but the New Moon can be very generous!

The New Moon is empty and open before it fills in all of its blank spaces. And when you take time to prepare for the New Moon with mindful rituals and practices, you can create a blank, fertile space where you can manifest positive and joy-filled experiences for yourself, too.

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