Spiritual Guidance for Career Success and Abundance

Have you ever wondered how a seed turns into a giant tree - was it hiding inside the seed all along? This can’t be true because when the seed is split open, there’s nothing to be found in it! In reality, the giant tree emerges out of nothingness along with everything else in the finite world. There is a certain Divine intelligence at play here, and everywhere else, which ensures that an acorn seed turns only into an oak tree. If everything in nature can fall into place through the Divine intelligence prevalent in it, won’t this work for our [...]

The Power of Positive Thinking

Do you look at the glass as being half full or half empty? People who view and approach everyday life in a positive mindset tend to be happier, healthier and more productive. It may sound like science fiction, but your state of mind can and WILL have an impact on nearly every aspect of your life. Researchers from the University of California, Riverside recently conducted a study to determine the impact that "happiness" had a person's job. In the study, titled Does Happiness Promote Career Success, they found that happy people with a positive view on life were more satisfied [...]

Thought Creates Reality…

I know a lot of us are aware about the law of attraction and some have it perfected in their life.  I know a lot of us have taken courses or ordered tapes on this very subject and they are great but then we quit doing it and life, well, goes right back to normal.  I have always believed it is more than just words when we want to manifest things in our life.  We have to truly believe with every cell in our being not just think and say it (although that helps).  The video below by YouAreCreators2 does a great [...]

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10 Success Principles for an Abundant Life with Jack Canfield

An interview about the 10 Success Principles to create and Abundant Life with Jack Canfield.  Inspiring video listening to things Jack believes and things he does personally. https://youtu.be/_Sj_oczd8gs Jack Canfield  founded a billion dollar company, is recognized worldwide as a leader, advises some of the world's largest companies, has sold 500 million books worldwide, holds a Guinness world record, is featured on TV and radio (1,000+),  helped over 800,00 people leave welfare behind.  Learn more about Jack. Amazon.com Widgets   Get a LIVE READING Right Now -> 3 Free Minutes + 50% OFF on 1st Reading! Tarot Card Readings Online is the sister [...]

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Creativity, Leadership, and Divine Compensation with Marianne Williamson

Bestselling author of A Return to Love and Healing the Soul of America, world-renowned teacher, and one of the most important inspirational thinkers of our time, Marianne Williamson shares her spiritual principles on creativity and leadership. http://youtu.be/RRXn71QS7vI [author] [author_image timthumb='on']http://www.freetarotcardreadingsonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Marianne-Williamson.jpg[/author_image] [author_info] Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer. Six of her ten published books have been New York Times Best Sellers. Four of these have been #1 New York Times Best Sellers. "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure..." - Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love [...]

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