What To Do When You Don’t Like or Identify With Your Zodiac Sign

Even if you’re not a diehard fan of astrology, there’s still a good chance you know what your zodiac sign is. And while many people easily identify with (and therefore, like) their sign, there are many individuals who don’t - maybe even including you. The reasons for this vary. Maybe your sign seems inaccurate or vague. Maybe you don’t like the stereotypes associated with it. Or, maybe it feels like your sign puts you in a box. And because your zodiac disappoints, you think astrology has zero credibility. But consider that there’s more to your zodiac sign than meets the [...]

How to Make Your Zodiac and Moon Signs Work for You

Zodiac and moon signs are a trendy topic. You can pick up just about any newspaper or magazine, and find a horoscope for your viewing pleasure. There are even more astrological resources available online. And on the one hand, it’s wonderful that astrology is so widely accepted, but its popularity has also led to a lot of overreaching generalizations and vague information - information that we nonetheless accept as true. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best way to use astrology. In fact, when you use astrology in this way, you limit yourself and make it more difficult to live an authentic [...]

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How to Prepare For and Create Healing During a Full Moon

People have been looking to the moon and tapping into its power for millennia. That’s because the energy of the moon is incredibly powerful. With some simple preparation, you too, can access the moon’s power and begin to create healing in your life. Why is a full moon so powerful? Imagine holding a magnifying glass up to a small object. It appears much larger, doesn’t it? Now, imagine that the full moon is like that magnifying glass. When it appears every month, it magnifies whatever energy is inside you. Therefore, if you’re experiencing positive energy and emotions, the full moon [...]

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March 2015 Astrology Forecasts

Kelley Rosano is an astrological intuitive and a highly effective coach. She is inspiring, uplifting and empowering.  Here are some videos by Kelley for each Astrological sign for the month of March 2015.  Look below and click the link for your sign to watch the video. Happy Birthday Aries! Watch Your Own Monthly Forecast Here ... Taurus March 2015 Forecast Gemini March 2015 Forecast Cancer March 2015 Forecast Leo March 2015 Forecast Virgo March 2015 Forecast Libra March 2015 Forecast Scorpio March 2015 Forecast Sagittarius March 2015 Forecast Capricorn March 2015 Forecast Aquarius March 2015 Forecast Pisces March 2015 Forecast   Kelley has written a book on Harnessing the Power of Intention to [...]

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New Year Overview 2015~ All Signs

Wondering what the year ahead may look like for you based on your astrological sign? Well you are in luck because White Lotus Tarot brings you just that, an overview Tarot reading for the New Year of 2015. Watch the video for all 12 signs or just your own and get some insight to the year ahead.

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