The Madness of Our World

The Madness of Our World Written by Ambers Light Do you feel that at times the world has gone totally off the grid? Every corner we turn it seems to be nothing but a negative thrown at us.  That does become a major frustration after months of this scene being replayed!  So after months of this continuous action we become drained, angry, deflated in every way.  We just give up!  Whew, that little paragraph alone is enough to make a person depressed! So how do we pick ourselves up when all this seems to have no ending in sight?  We can go the [...]

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New Year Overview 2015~ All Signs

Wondering what the year ahead may look like for you based on your astrological sign? Well you are in luck because White Lotus Tarot brings you just that, an overview Tarot reading for the New Year of 2015. Watch the video for all 12 signs or just your own and get some insight to the year ahead.

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How to Phrase your Question for a Tarot Reading?

Do you ever wonder what you should ask when getting a Tarot reading?  Well you are not alone.  From all the reading I’ve done on this subject, the conclusion seems to be that you want a question somewhere in the middle of the road.  Not too specific (i.e. When will I get pregnant?), or too vague (i.e. will I ever have a baby?).   Somewhere in the middle is best (i.e. what do I need to know at this time about my reproductive health?).  This type of question shows you are looking for insight into why/why not something is/is not happening. [...]

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Beginners Guide to Tarot

Beginners Guide to Tarot Cards byKaren Sealey at Psychic Ether It may sound fairly obvious, but the first thing to do when you decide you want to learn Tarot, is to make sure that the cards you have picked are actually Tarot cards. There are huge amounts of cards available and many different styles and systems. Besides Tarot, there are oracle cards, angel cards, Lenormand cards, Gypsy fortune cards, playing cards and the list just goes on, with new decks appearing almost daily. What is a Tarot deck? Generally, a Tarot deck consists of 78 cards (there are some exceptions [...]

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