Clairvoyance is an innate ability that every man and woman possesses. Derived from the French language with clair meaning clear and voyance meaning vision, it allows the individual to uncover information about another person, place or object using extrasensory perception (ESP). But unless you’ve mastered the art of clairvoyance and understand its principles, you won’t be able to use it for this purpose. So, what steps can you take to increase your clairvoyant abilities?

Believe You Can

You aren’t going to effectively use clairvoyant abilities unless you stay positive and believe that you can. This is among the biggest hurdles that newcomers face, as they are skeptical of whether or not it works. If you have doubts about clairvoyance, your conscience won’t be able to overcome this obstacle, resulting ineffective or obsolete clairvoyant abilities.

Create Visual Images

When trying to a read a person or object using clairvoyance, create visual images in your head. If someone is asking you about their future, for instance, try to picture that person in the future.  What are they doing? Where are they located? Are they confronted with danger? These are all questions that you should attempt to answer when creating visual images using clairvoyance.

Keep a Journal

Why should you keep a journal when experimenting with clairvoyance? Well, you may only see bits and pieces of an image or scene, at which point you’ll have to piece them together like a puzzle. Unless you keep a journal of everything you see and experience, you may forget some of these images. And trying to complete a puzzle without all of the pieces is virtually impossible. So, make a note of all images, people, scenes, sounds, scents, etc. that you see in your clairvoyance visions. You can then attempt to piece the puzzle together, drawing a correlation between the different elements to determine what they all mean.

Open Your ‘Third Eye’

Many clairvoyance rely on their “third eye” to guide their visions. Also known as the inner eye, this is the brow chakra found directly between the eyes. It’s believed to provide energy for spiritual reflection and meditation, making it a critical tool in the practice of clairvoyance and psychic readings. Close your eyes and focus your attention on this area (brow chakra), channeling your energy here. As energy begins to build around the third eye, you’ll experience a sense of enlightenment that bolsters your clairvoyant abilities.

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