Tarot Cards Were Originally Used for Playing Games

You might be surprised to learn that the original purpose of Tarot cards was for playing games. The manuscript of Martiano da Tortona contained rules for playing the game of “Tarot,” which many Italian residents enjoyed throughout the the 1400s, 1500s and 1600s. Over the years, several different variations of the game emerged, each of which had its own characteristics. While Tarot the game has since decreased in popularity in Italy, one variation remains: Tarocco Bolognese.

Shuffling Can Affect a Reading

The act of shuffling a Tarot deck may have a direct impact on the reading. Some psychics advise their clients to shuffle the deck in a certain way, whereas others give their clients the freedom to shuffle it however they choose. Because the client is shuffling the deck, he or she will be altering the cards’ arrangement, which subsequently affects their reading.

Early Tarot Cards Were Hand Painted

Can you imagine hand painting a full 78-card Tarot card deck? Well, that’s exactly what artists did several hundred years ago. Because printing presses had not been invented at the time, Tarot cards were painted by hand, with artists giving them intricate details. Some of these early decks are still available today; however, they can be quite expensive.

Don’t Fear the ‘Death’ Card

Many unsuspecting clients are frightened when they first see the Death card appear during a Tarot reading. After all, doesn’t this mean you’ll succumb to an early death? You can take a deep breath and relax, because the Death card does not indicate death. Instead, this unique Tarot card represents transformation, much like the changing of seasons or the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

Tarot Cards Have Been Around for More than 700 Years

Think Tarot cards are a new phenomenon that just recently appeared? Think again. While no one knows who or when exactly they were created, historians believe they originated out of Ancient Europe during the 14th century. They remained isolated to this region for several hundred years before spreading into nearby countries and territories.

Tarot Readings are Often Performed in Conjunction with Meditation

Yep, many psychics and their respective clients meditate before conducting a reading. The purpose of this is to attune yourself with the Universe and surrounding environment. By becoming more in tune with nature and the Universe, you’ll have a more productive Tarot reading. Even if you intend to have your fortune read over the phone or Internet, you can still perform your own meditation at home.

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Photo Credit: Kelly Hunter

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