How to Prepare for and Utilize the Energy of the New Moon

Do you want to clear the slate and start fresh? Every month, the new moon gives us a perfect opportunity to set new beginnings. With simple rituals and intentional mindsets, you can prepare for and utilize the energy of the new moon to manifest your goals and dreams. Why is the New Moon powerful? Compared to the Full Moon, the New Moon is hidden from us. But don’t underestimate her power. The energy of the new moon is empty and open, and even though it’s a good idea to continually set your own intentions, why not tap turn to the [...]

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How to Clear Your Crystals

Crystals are natural energy collectors. When a person comes in contact with a crystal, they leave many forms of energy behind from their thoughts, emotions, touch, and other sources. While that is not always a bad thing, when you obtain a crystal you can make it truly yours by clearing it of stored energy. We have listed a couple clearing techniques below. Smudging Smudging is a traditional Native American method to clear energy by burning sage and cedar leaves. To smudge a crystal, simply pass the crystal back and forth through the smoke. You can find cedar and sage at [...]

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Simple Ways to Choose the Right Crystals for You Now

Choosing the right crystal from the myriad of available options can be a daunting task. While you do not need to know the properties of every crystal, it helps to have a system to select one. You may want a particular crystal to help with a certain issue or health ailment. Here are a few ways you can use to pick the right crystal for you. First Sight When you first look at a range of crystals, often one will catch your eye in the beginning and keep your attention throughout. This likely means that the stone will be beneficial [...]

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You Can Use Crystals to Get Clear on Your Intentions

Do you feel like your intentions are all a blur, and that you can’t focus on them for very long? This can be really frustrating, but crystals can give you some much-needed clarity. That’s because crystals are so much more than trendy home decor. In fact, their unseen energetic levels can influence your own energy, and help bring balance back into your life. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Crystals Have Their Own Energy Just like you and I have our own energy, so do crystals. And very often, if we have negative, energetic vibrations, it’s hard [...]

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