You Can Use Crystals to Get Clear on Your Intentions

Do you feel like your intentions are all a blur, and that you can’t focus on them for very long? This can be really frustrating, but crystals can give you some much-needed clarity. That’s because crystals are so much more than trendy home decor. In fact, their unseen energetic levels can influence your own energy, and help bring balance back into your life. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Crystals Have Their Own Energy Just like you and I have our own energy, so do crystals. And very often, if we have negative, energetic vibrations, it’s hard [...]

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Rituals to Cleanse Your Spirit

Most of us routinely clean our homes, cars, rooms, office spaces, and even our bodies. How often do we cleanse our spirit? We all know we should take better care of ourselves, so here are a couple easy ways you can incorporate cleansing your spirit. Take a Saltwater Bath Often referred to as "The Tears of God," salt plays a key role in spiritual health and cleansing. It's able to expunge negative energy, giving our body and mind a fresh start so to speak. If you are looking to hit the reset button by flushing negative energy from your spirit, [...]

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Understanding the 7 Chakras

Originating from ancient Indian religions, a chakra is a point of focused energy in the body through which energy flows. Traditional medicine practitioners believe that our health and well-being is directly related to this energy flow. When energy is blocked in one or more chakras, we become susceptible to disease and illness, which is why it's important to keep this energy flowing at all times. The term “chakra” translates into “wheel” or “disk,” which is essentially how they are characterized. Chakras work by constantly spinning, allowing energy to pass and flow freely through the body. There are times, however, when [...]

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Three Great Tips to Help You Protect Yourself by Sonia Choquette

New York Time Best-Seller of The Answer is Simple, Sonia Choquette shares  3 short videos to help protect ourselves from dealing with negative people to remaining calm when traveling and an instant meditation that can be used anytime. We all experience people in our lives who drain us of our energy or are always negative.  Sonya has great tips on how to protect our self so we won't feel drained. ================================================================ We all know traveling can be stressful, here's a tip on how to help stay calm and grounded. ================================================================= We all need to take some time to re-group [...]

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