Best Places to Meditate

A relaxing and mentally productive meditation session begins with choosing the right location. Attempting to meditate in a loud, distracting environment will make it increasingly difficult for you to retain control of your thoughts, which of course is essential for this practice. However, a peaceful and serene environment will allow enhance your ability to meditate, as it ties directly into your thoughts in a natural, seamless manner. The Beach You can can't wrong with the beach when choosing a location to meditate. Even if there are other beach-goers present, the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore will [...]

3 Tips for Spiritual Awakening

Basically, spiritual awakening is when a person perceives the world in a broader and more positive way than the general population perceives it. In a sense, it is when we develop our inner consciousness and become more aware of the value of things surrounding us - not the monetary value but the real, spiritual/emotional value. It's essential that we realize the greater need to achieve an awakened spirit rather than dwelling into worldly and materialistic desires. With an awakened spirit, we can truly feel satisfaction and joy - not only with ourselves but with the world which surrounds us in [...]

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Sound Meditation for Manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer

  A 20 minute meditation with Dr. Wayne Dyer to help you manifest rather it's being healed, exercising, a relationship or career change.  Use once per day and visual what you want to manifest during the meditation and see the changes.   Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan Wayne Dyer has written over 40 books, half of which are best sellers. He's appeared on TV and raised millions for public television. Learn more about Wayne here.   Feeling Stuck then take the next step and get advice to make sure you are on track and living the life you [...]

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