Personal Growth Tips to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Do you suffer from regular bouts of stress? Well, you are not alone! The truth is that everyone will experience psychological stress at some point in their life. It's a normal reaction to our body's flight-or-fight response, which is designed to keep us safe from danger. But stress can take a toll on your body and mind, raising your blood pressure, triggering the release of stress hormones like cortisol, and even placing you at a greater risk of developing heart disease. How to Lower Your Stress The good news is that you can lower your stress levels through personal growth [...]

What is a Chakra? [Get the Facts]

When researching spiritual growth and development, you may come across something known as a chakra. Cultures throughout the world recognize chakras, using them for spiritual and religious purposes. But what exactly is a chakra? This is one of the many questions that we're going to answer today. Chakras: the Basics A chakra is believed to be a metaphysical energy point within the body.  According to Indian religion, they serve as meeting points of energy channels known as nadi. Our bodies have an active life force flowing through them at all times. The pathways through which this life/energy force flows is [...]

Relaxation Techniques to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Do you experience regular bouts of stress? While some people assume stress is harmless, it can negatively affect both your body and mind. According to the website StatisticsBrain, 77% of the general population experiences physical symptoms caused by stress. This may include increased blood pressure, sweating, insomnia, weakened immune system, fatigue, etc. Thankfully, you can relieve stress and anxiety by engaging in one or more of the following relaxation techniques. Mantra Meditation Mantra is a Transcendental Meditation technique that involves silently repeating a word or phrase in a quiet, distraction-free environment with your eyes closed. Your "mantra" can literally be [...]

Daily Practices to Encourage Spiritual Growth and Development

Here are a few daily practices to encourage spiritual growth and development. Relax... We live in a hectic, fast-paced world that often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and unable to control our mind and body. A study conducted by the National Public Radio (NPR) found that nearly half (49%) of U.S. adults surveyed said that had experienced at least one major stressful event in the past year. Whether it's financial hardship, relationship problems, illness, etc., stressful events are going to occur. Rather than allowing them to define who you are, however, you should embrace them as being part of your life. Once you've learned [...]

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Keep your feet

  It can be easy to settle in the routine of life and forget how we were as children.  Talk to a small child and they will conquer the world single handed, run for president, or become a sports star.   Where does all our ambition and drive go as we age?  Is it because an adult was there to laugh at our dream or shoot it down and we believed them? How would we know any better as a small child? We look up to adults, trust them, want to be like them. It may take us awhile to [...]

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Reflection For The New Year

It’s that time of year when everyone is going to be asking about your New Year’s Resolution.  What will you say? Do you have one? Have you even thought about it? I think it’s a time to reflect, really reflect on last year.  Really go within ourselves, find the stillness and quiet.  It’s also a time of love, friend, family, holiday gatherings and busyness.  It can be a challenge to find a balance between self and everything else this time of year.  However, I think it’s important to spend some time now and plant seeds for the New Year ahead.  [...]

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