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Relaxation Techniques to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Do you experience regular bouts of stress? While some people assume stress is harmless, it can negatively affect both your body and mind. According to the website StatisticsBrain, 77% of the general population experiences physical symptoms caused by stress. This may include increased blood pressure, sweating, insomnia, weakened immune system, fatigue, etc. Thankfully, you can relieve stress and anxiety by engaging in one or more of the following relaxation techniques. Mantra Meditation Mantra is a Transcendental Meditation technique that involves silently repeating a word or phrase in a quiet, distraction-free environment with your eyes closed. Your "mantra" can literally be [...]

5 Spiritual Growth Tips for a Happier, Healthier Life

If you are looking to live a longer, healthier and happier life, you should look into and engage in spiritual growth practices. By aligning yourself with the Universe and developing an understanding of the symbiotic nature of life, you'll reap these benefits and more. Live Longer Is it possible that engaging in spiritual growth practices can extend your life? Some researchers seem to think so. A 28-year study involving 5,286 U.S. adults found that spiritually active participants had lower mortality rates when compared to their non-spiritual counterparts. Furthermore, researchers from this same study found that participants who were spiritually active were [...]

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Harmonizing Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Creating a harmonious mind, body and spirit is essential to one's physical and emotional well-being. Allowing these elements to fall out of alignment with one another will promote negative energy, which in turn increases your risk of illness. But how exactly does one harmonize his or her mind, body and spirit? Don't Sweat the Small Stuff When stress builds up, it can take a toll on both your mind and body. According to StatisticsBrain, 77% of U.S. adults report feeling physical symptoms caused by stress. This may include trouble sleeping, elevated heart rate, sweating, or muscle tension. Rather than allowing [...]

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Daily Practices to Encourage Spiritual Growth and Development

Here are a few daily practices to encourage spiritual growth and development. Relax... We live in a hectic, fast-paced world that often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and unable to control our mind and body. A study conducted by the National Public Radio (NPR) found that nearly half (49%) of U.S. adults surveyed said that had experienced at least one major stressful event in the past year. Whether it's financial hardship, relationship problems, illness, etc., stressful events are going to occur. Rather than allowing them to define who you are, however, you should embrace them as being part of your life. Once you've learned [...]

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The Healing Power of Quartz: What You Should Know

The Healing Power of Quartz: What You Should Know Quartz is the world's second most common natural occurring mineral, only after feldspar. While there are many different varieties, it is generally characterized by clear or semi-clear crystalline structures that tower outwards in all directions. It's used to produce silica, glass, ceramics and more. But quartz has some surprising uses that many people overlook, including its ability to heal. Clear Quartz Clear quartz, also known as rock crystal or crystal quartz, has been used for centuries to heal wounds. The general belief is that clear quartz absorbs and releases energy from [...]

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Easy Guided 5 Minute Meditation for Total Relaxation

You've got 5 minutes! Evidence has shown that it's good to take breaks throughout the day, so allow yourself 5 minutes to enjoy this meditation. 5 minutes that's it ... to help keep you calm and centered for the day. Just close your eyes, and allow the calming waves to wash over you. Miracle Forest brings short guided meditations. Be sure to also experience the guided visualization and the hypnotic wind chimes for relaxing, you can play it at night before you go to sleep and let it run through the night. :) Total Relaxation 5 minute Meditation   Cottage in [...]

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Sound Meditation for Manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer

  A 20 minute meditation with Dr. Wayne Dyer to help you manifest rather it's being healed, exercising, a relationship or career change.  Use once per day and visual what you want to manifest during the meditation and see the changes.   Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan Wayne Dyer has written over 40 books, half of which are best sellers. He's appeared on TV and raised millions for public television. Learn more about Wayne here.   Feeling Stuck then take the next step and get advice to make sure you are on track and living the life you [...]

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